Unique Gifts From Around The World- Presents for the hard to buy for, gifts for the young at heart, hippy stuff, unusual gift ideas, and more!
Grandpas General Store - The cool place to shop online for unusual gifts, hippy stuff, unique gift ideas, and great gifts from around the world!
Unique & Unusual Gifts

Aromatherapy Oils, Aroma Lamps & Oil Diffusers
Man In The Moon Oil Diffuser ~Black Moon Metal & Glass Oil Burner
100% Pure Essential Oils ~Grandpa's Pure Essential Oils ~Lotus Light
Song Of India Perfume Oils
Spiritual Sky Perfume Oils

Bath & Body Products
Bath Salts~Astral Sea Luxury Bath Salt
Bath Soaps~Song Of India Soap ~ Chandrika Copal
Soaps ~ Vegan Soaps

Henna Products ~ Henna Body Painting ~ Mehndi Tattoo Kits
Song of India Solid Perfume~Solid Amber Perfume In A
Soapstone Cont
ainer Now in Krishna Musk Fragrance!
Song of India Perfume Oils ~Song Of India Oil ~ Sandalwood, Amber, Lotus, Frankincense.
Song Of India-Mystic Temple Perfume Oils
~Krishna Musk Oil

Bells and Chimes ~Wind Chimes~String Bells
Chime Balls ~Oriental Baoding Balls ~ Chiming Health Balls

Bird Cages~Sorry, these are no longer available...

Boxes-Very Cool, Unusual Gift, Trinket, Jewelry Boxes and More!

Candles And Candle Holders ~Tapers, Votives,
Tea Lights, & mini Candles 
Be sure to check out the votive cups and new gold and silver mini candles!
Candle Snuffers

Fantasy Figurines
Dragons ~ Marble Dragon ~ Good Fortune Dragon
Faery~Fairy, Fae, Faeries, Fairies, So Many Spellings...
Wizards~Merlin Figurines~Sorcerors

Fountains Feng Shui Prosperity Fountain Kits,
Serenity Fountains, Buddha Prosperity Fountain.
Fountain Accessories~Flat Glass Accent Marbles~Aquarium
Kwan Yin
~ Porcelain Kuan Yin Drip Fountains


Gift Certificates ~Great Last Minute Gift Solutions!
Gift Certificate Redemption

Gift Sets~Gift Baskets~Kits~Ritual Spell Kits, Feng Shui Cures, Incense Kits, Bath Baskets & More Coming Soon!

Gods And Goddesses
Buddha, Budha, Budda, etc...:)
Hotei Buddha Prosperity Fountain
Kwan Yin~ Porcelain Kuan Yin Goddess Statues & Drip Fountains
~Kwan Yin With
9 Dragons & Kwan Yin With 1 Dragon

Hippy Stuff &
Cool Gift Ideas For Young People

Bead Curtain~Hippy Bead Curtains-New style coming!
Cool Fimo Candle Holders for Tea Lights ~Mosaic & Glass
Chinese Chime Balls~Stress Balls~Health Balls~Iron Boading Balls
Color Drip Candles~Make Cool Party Decorations
Hippy Tapestries and Totes.. Celtic Prints, Suns & Pentacle Tapestry!
Jewelry-See Below
Mehndi Body Painting Kits ~Earth Henna Tatoo Kit ~Body Painting Kit
Mini Candles~4 Inch Taper Candles For Parties Or Meditation
Perfume Oils-
Spiritual Sky, Song of India, Mystic Temple,
Solid Perfume
~Carved Soapstone Containers Of Solid Amber & Krishna Musk Perfume
Worry Dolls ~Guatemalan Worry Dolls ~Why Worry, When Your Dolls Can Worry For You?

Jewelry From Around The World
Anklets/Bracelets ~Silver Jingle Anklets
Wish Bracelets / Anklets ~Tie one on, and make a wish!
Earrings ~Silver And Gemstone Earrings
Necklaces~Amber Charm Necklace
Jewelry Boxes-Very Cool, Unusual Gift, Trinket, Jewelry Boxes and More!

Jokes & Gags-Be sure to check out the section, below, too!
Sven & Ole's Miracle Fishing Lures-Great Fishing Gags, Father's Day Gifts, Fishing Jokes, Gifts For Dad. You have to see it, to believe it!

Kid Stuff & Toys Main Page
Cool Gift Ideas For The Young At Heart!
Cow in the Box A preschool favorite. Cow voice in a can.
Incredible Fortune Telling Fish! Miracle Fish Fortune Teller~
Moves All By Itself To Tell Your Fortune!

Tin Toys-Aligator & Duck Clickers! Great fun for kids of all ages!
Wooden Pickup Sticks! Another vintage toy and lots of fun!
Toy Potato Guns! Spud Guns! Get Your Toy Potato Gun, Here!
Sea Monkeys! What are Sea Monkeys? Check It Out... Sea-Monkeys Ocean Zoo!
How To Care For Your Sea Monkeys Information, Too!

SeaMonkeys, The Short Version. This page loads faster!
Worry Dolls ~Guatemalan Worry Dolls ~ They worry for you!
Wish Bracelets!!! Good Luck Jewelry, Fortune Bracelet

Oriental/Feng Shui-Gifts from the Orient
Bead Curtains
Bells and Wind Chimes
More Bells And Wind Chimes
Chinese Iron Balls~Healthy Ball~Baoding Balls
Feng Shui Cures
-This takes you into our Psychic pages
Feng Shui Cure Kit
Fountains ~ Feng Shui table top fountain kits,
Hotei Buddha prosperity fountains ~

Hotei Buddha
Kwan Yin~ Porcelain Kuan Yin Statues &
Drip Fountains With Dragons

Sake Sets-Porcelain Geisha Sake Set With Sake History

Grandpa's Special Buys! These are items that will change frequently. When one item is gone, a new item will come in. You never know what you will find, here!

Tapestry From India ~ Indian Tapestries, Bedspreads, Wall Hangings, Sofa Covers & Table Cloths ~ Instant Apartment Makeover Tools!
Celtic Horse Tapestry ~Horse Mandala Tapestries
Celtic Knot Tapestry~Great for wall hangings, bed spreads or sofa covers
Celestial Tapestry-Red/Yellow Solar Design Tapestries & Table cloths
Flower Mandala Tapestry-Floral Indian Bedspreads or Wall Hangings
Pentacle  or Pentagram Print Tapestry~Purple Pentacle Bedspread
Pentacle Tote Bags~ 100% Cotton Celtic Pentagram Totes
Celestial Sun Print Tapestry!! ~Green & Blue Sun Tapestries
Solar Eclipse Tapestry~Sun & Moon Tapestries & Table Cloths
Zodiac Tapestry - Purple Zodiac Tapestries

Toys ~ See Kid's Stuff, above

More always coming...

If you are looking for something in particular, please, do not hesitate to contact us.  We have MANY unusual and unique gift items and metaphysical books, that are not up on the site, yet. I am always happy to send you prices and pictures!
I am also happy to get requests for new items, too. When we get
enough requests, we will add the product :)

Grandpa's Proudly Accepts Personal Checks, Money Orders,
Cashiers Checks, &  The Following Credit Cards:
American Express, Visa, & MasterCard
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Amazing Live Sea Monkeys!
Hotei or Happy Buddha-God of Prosperity, Protector Of Children. Great Feng Shui Cure, too!
Purple Beaded Curtains- Great Hippy Gifts, Or For Feng Shui, used as a cure.
Wizard holding a crystal ball and flask.
Mosaic Tea Light Candle Holders
Song Of India Perfume Oil-Mystic Temple Oils-Krishna Musk!
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Unique & Unusual Gifts From Around The World

~Do you want to find an unusual gift to make them say "ahhhhhh"?

~Looking for gifts that are really special, unusual, or unique?

~Want to buy a gift for your "unique" friend who seems to hate everything?

~Looking for occult or metaphysical gifts for a new age friend?

~Are you just plain tired of the same old gift choices? 

Well, we hope to satisfy your taste for the unusual, here!

Grandpa's has always had unusual gifts for the "hard to buy for" special person in your life. Our motto is "For something different, come to Grandpa's!"

Here you will find lots of unusual gifts with a rustic or hand made look and feel, gifts for the person in your life who is interested in the unusual, spiritual, occult, and/or metaphysical side of things, as well. 
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