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Hippy Color Drip Candles

Color Drip taper candles are great centerpieces for hippy parties or for an intimate, romantic Italian dinner. Just take a color drip candle and place it in an empty wine bottle. Lite the drip candle and it will begin dripping almost immediately. 

I usually place something under the wine bottle, like a mat coaster, to catch any extra candle drippings.  Personally, I recommend using an entire color drip candle to decorate your bottle, then using the second candle for the party or dinner, or what have you.  After your bottle is decorated, you can continue to build on it, or switch to dripless candles, to keep your masterpiece as it is.
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Unique Gifts from around the world. Color drip candles, hippy candles, perfect for parties or the intimate italian dinner. Tea lights, used for aromatherapy diffuser candles, food warming candles, and tea light votive candles. Hippy color dripping candle. Drip Taper Candles.
About The Color Drip Candles

Each package comes with 2 Color Drip Candles.  These hippy drip candles are standard taper size candles and about 9 1/2 inches long.  The drip taper candles are white, with different colors placed strategically inside the drip candle. 
As the drip candle burns, the colors are released, one at a time. It looks like you have burnt one candle, then another, and so on... This is what gives the illusion that you have spent months creating this special candle holder.
Each Package comes with many ideas for different uses of the Color Drip Candle!

CD1610 Package of 2 Color Drip Candles $3.79
Hippy Color Dripping Candles. Great gifts for the hippy in your family! Color Drip Candles will add a festive mood to any party or intimate dinner. Instructions/ideas are on the back of the box for how to use the color dripping candle.
Tea lights, T-lites, Tealights, and T lites.  Who would have thought?  These little guys have as many uses as they do names, and more...tea light candles, t-lite candles, tea lite candles, tealight candles.
Tea lights. great to keep food warm, to heat up aromatherapy oils and potpourri, and for all kinds of dainty candle holders, that you want to keep clean!
Tea Lights
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Candle Holders
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Box of 2 Color Drip Candles
Box of Tea Lights
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Tea Light Candles~Tea Lights

As you can see from the pictures on the right, these are Tea Lights.  For those of you unfamilliar, these little tea lights have many uses:

Candles for keeping chafing dishes hot
Tea lights are great for heating oils in difusers for aromatherapy.
Excellent for heating potpourri in diffusers
Candles for Illuminating colored glass votive holders
Just the thing lluminating Tea light candle holders
Tea lights are also great for some floating candle holders

AZ10TL Package of 10 Tea Light Candles  $2.95 each