Song of India Soap-Copal Soaps, Herbal Soap, in many fragrances. Great Gifts for your favorite Vegetarian or Vegan. Lemon Grass Soap Lemongrass soaps
Grandpa's General Store-Unique Gifts Occult & Metaphysical Supplies-Gifts for the bath & body-Song of India Bath Soaps- Our Copal Soap selection includes: Amber, aphrodesia, jasmine, lavender soap, lemongrass, lotus, night queen soap, patchouly, patchouli soap, rose, and sandalwood soaps. Song of india soaps are all herbal, and make fine Vegan Gift ideas.
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Gifts For The Bath & Body
~ Herbal Bath Soaps ~
Song Of India Herbal Soap
Copal Bath Soaps    

Song of India Copal Soaps are made from pure food grade coconut oil, herbal extracts, and natural essential oils. These are wonderful natural herbal soaps in exotic fragrances.  The herbal soaps are currently available in the following fragrances:

Amber Herbal Soap
Aphrodesia Herbal Soap
Jasmine Herbal Soap
Lavender Herbal Soap
Lemongrass Herbal Soap
Lotus Herbal Soap
Night Queen Herbal Soap
Patchouli Herbal Soap
Rose Herbal Soap
Sandalwood Herbal Soap

Song Of India Copal soap bars weigh 80gms or about 2 3/4 oz.  Song Of India Herbal Soaps come in two different style packaging, and it is never easy to tell which kind will be coming our way. A picture of both styles of soap packaging, is below.
No, our name will not be on the box :)
Song Of India Herbal Soaps also make great gifts for Vegans/Vegatarians! No animals or animal by products are used in the manufacture of these fine soaps.
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Last Updated September 8, 2004        
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SOI Amber Soap
SOI Aphrodesia Soap
SOI Jasmine Soap
SOI Lavender Soap
SOI Lemongrass Soap
SOI Lotus Soap
SOI Night Queen Soap
SOI Patchouly Soap
SOI Rose Soap
SOI Sandalwood Soap
No, our name will not be on the box :)   

Song of India Herbal Soaps 80gm size  $2.19 each

SOIBSAM-Song of India Amber Copal Soap
SOIBSAP-Song of India Aphrodesia Copal Soap
SOIBSJA-Song Of India Jasmine Copal Soap
SOIBSLA-Song of India Lavender Copal Soap
SOIBSLG-Song of India Lemongrass Copal Soap
SOIBSLOT-Song of India Lotus Copal Soap
SOIBSNQ-Song Of India Night Queen Copal Soap
SOIBSPA- Song of India Patchouli Copal Soap
SOIBSROS-Song of India Rose Copal Soap
SOIBSSAN-Song of India Sandalwood Copal Soap

We also have Song Of India Perume Oils. You can see them,
here. They go very well, with the soaps :)
If you are looking for Song of India Incense Sticks, you can view them,
In addition, we also have Song of India Incense Cones (Namaste brand), and you can see them,
You could even combine a few different SOI items, to make your own "Song of India" gift basket for a friend!

Song of India Herbal Soaps 80gm size  $2.19 each
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Song of India Copal Soap-Many fragrances available-All Herbal Soap make great vegetarian gifts.
Song of India Herbal Soaps make great gifts for Vegan friends. Many fragrances to choose from.