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How to use the Miracle Fish Fortune Teller:

Remove the fortune teller fish, from the plastic sleeve...I know, I know, sounds simple, but honest!
I have friends that were trying to get the fish to work while it was still in the envelope. They thought it was broken... Trust me... It works much better if you remove the Miracle Fish from the envelope, first.

2) Place the Miracle Fish in the open palm of either hand, and , like magic, he will begin to move, mysteriously....Make sure your palm is facing UP :)

3) Read the back of the Fortune Teller package for your fortune! The fish is particularly suited to romantic fortune telling!

How does he do it? We don't know. We just think it is really cool, and tons of fun for big kids, from 6-106.

Miracle Fish Fortune Teller Details

The Fortune Teller envelope measures about 3" x 4 1/2". The Miracle fish is red plastic, and measures about 3 1/2" long and is FLAT cello type plastic.
You should keep your fish in its envelope, when not in use, and try not to crease it, too badly. Think of the envelope as the Miracle Fishie's home, and try to keep it neat, if you want him to be happy :) Not recommended for children under 3.

KFFISH Miracle Fish Fortune Teller 50˘ each

SAVE MORE! If you buy 10, it is like getting 3 free!

10KFISH Bag of 10 for $3.50 

SAVE BIG! Buy fortune fish, by the gross!
144KFISH Bag of 144 Fortune Teller Fish $18.00 (12 dozen)
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Single Fortune Fish
Bag Of 10 Fortune Fish
Bag Of 144 Fortune Fish
Magic Kids Stuff-Miracle Fish Fortune Teller Fish. This is the original fortune telling fish, not a substitute! Too much Fun! Children of all ages, love these! Great toys for big kids, too!
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Miracle Fish Fortune Teller

Novelty Toys ~ Magic Fish

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Miracle Fish Fortune Teller Fish, Here!

These Miracle Fish Fortune Tellers, have been around as long as I have, maybe longer. Maybe that's a miracle in itself *smile*.

They used to come in a little wax paper sleeve, until plastic became less expensive than paper...  The fortune telling fish is still the same, though, right down to the descriptions on the back of the envelope, and the instructions on the fortune teller fish, itself.

Looking for something to take you back in time?
A little heart warming stocking stuffer, perhaps?
Want to become an "instant fortune teller?"
Looking for cool toys for your "big kids?"
Just want to have some good clean fun?

Then, the Miracle Fish Fortune Teller, might just be the ticket for you! Great gifts for children over 6, toys for big kids, and the young at heart!
Graphic DesignŠ Dave Buckland 2001-2003
Used with permission
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