Big Kids Love Tin Crickets, Too! Unique and Unusual, Weird and Strange Gifts. Vintage Tin Toys -Alligator Clickers, Duck Clickers, Tin Cricket or Animal Clicker. Crocodile clickers and duck clicker. Fun for kids of all ages! Alligator, mispelled aligator or allagator.
Grandpa's General Store-Unique Gifts Occult & Metaphysical Supplies-Novelty Toys -Vintage Tin Toy Crickets -Unique, unusual, strange and weird gifts, for children, Big kids, or fun for the young at heart. Unique Toys Alligator & Duck Clickers made from tin.
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Kid's Fun Stuff & Gifts
Unique & Unusual Toys
Vintage Toys

Our motto has always been "For something different, come to Grandpa's!" Here, you will find some great gifts, both the unique and unusual. These are all fun stuff for kids of all ages, 5 to 105.

Many of our toys also make great party favors, stocking stuffers, as gifts for your dear friend the nostalgia buff, or for anyone who just wants an unusual gift for their "unique" friend! 

Some toys arrived on the scene, recently, and some toys are vintage style having been around for years. All of our toys are tons of fun, for anyone who is young or young at heart!
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Kid's Gifts & Fun Stuff

Just click on a picture or underlined word, to take you to information about that toy.

Incredible Fortune Telling Fish!

Miracle Fish Fortune Teller~A very unusual vintage toy, these have been around for years! Place the fish in your hand and it moves all by itself, to reveal your fortune!
Ages 3 and up.

NEW!!Aligator & Duck Clickers! Also known as tin crickets, these metal clikers are FUN antique tin toy reproductions, from a bygone era. Still great fun for kids of all ages! Ages 3 and up.

New!! Cow In The Box ~ Another vintage toy that is too much fun! These boxes are a round container, with holes in the top. Flip the box over and magically hear the moo voice of a cow. Sounds real!  A preschool favorite, but we like 'em too! Ages 3 and up.

New!! Wooden Pickup Sticks! Another vintage toy, from long ago. Still, great fun, too! Be the one to collect the most sticks, without moving any other sticks, and you win! Ages 5 and up.

Toy Potato Guns!
Spud Guns! Uses real potatos. Challenge your friends to a game of potato tag!
Ages 6 and up.

The Original Sea Monkeys! A vintage FUN toy, er.. pet! Grow your very own Sea Monkeys! What are Sea Monkeys? Check It Out... They are truly amazing little creatures! Ages 6 and up.

Wish Bracelets! Choose a color for your wish. Tie the wish bracelet on and make a wish. Legend says that when your wish bracelet wears off, you will get your wish. May all your wishes come true! Ages 3 and up.

Worry Dolls ~Guatemalan Worry Dolls ~ Also known as trouble dolls, a very old custom from Guatemala, in Central America. Put the worry dolls under your pillow, at night. They worry for you and find solutions to your problems! Ages 5 and up.
The Original Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo! Amazing Live Sea Monkeys, Instant Life. A very unique and unusual pet to have.
The Original Potato Guns-Unique And Unusual Toys-Too much fun. Play potato tag with your friends, today!
Wood Toys-Wooden Pickup Sticks-A game of skill and dexterity!
Wish Bracelets. Also known as destiny bracelets, wish anklets, and more. Tie the bracelet on, and make your wish!
Worry Dolls From Guatemala. Tell these guys your worries and they will help find solutions. Guatemalan trouble dolls from Central America.
Miracle Fortune Fish-Fortune Telling Fish
Tin Toys-Metal Duck and Aligator Clickers. Tin Crickets
Graphic DesignęDave Buckland 2001-2003
Used with permission
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Cow Voice Animal Noise Maker-Flip it over to hear the cow moo!