Unique Gifts From The Orient-Green Sun Print Tapestry-Unique Indian Gift Ideas-This makes an instant makeover for anybodys room, apartment, or dorm. Great hippy gifts, too. This sun tapestry has celestial patterns all over, with a giant sun in the center of a celestial diamond border. Very cool!
Grandpa's General Store-Unique & Unusual Gifts From Around The World-The place to shop online for Gifts From Asia and the Orient, including print tapestries from India! This page, green celestial sun tapestry, wall hanging, bedspread, or sofa cover. One of the best Indian tapestries of this type we have seen in some time. Instant apartment makeovers, here!! All for the price of a couple of pizzas!
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Celtic Pentagram Tapestry
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Celestial Print Bedspreads From India 
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Purple And Black Pentacle Tapestry
Last Updated September, 2004 
Pictures don't do them justice! 
These Indian tapestries can be used for a wall hanging, a table cloth, a bed spread, funiture throw, curtains, altar cloth, hung from the ceiling, hippy decor, and more..

I guess I should mention, that these are not true tapestries.  The Celtic pentacle tapestry is printed on light weight cotton material, as a bedspread or heavy sheet.

Our pentacle tapestry is 72" x 108" (6 ft x 9 ft) before hemming and washing. The finished size is about: 70"x 106".

All of our tapestries are made in India and can vary, ever so slightly from piece to piece.  The sizes are fairly consistent, but could vary just an inch or two. Therefore, they could be 1-2" smaller but they cannot be larger.
This Wiccan pentacle tapestry is made of 100% cotton. 

MGWPP Purple Pentacle Tapestry  $24.95 each    
Wiccan Pentacle Tapestries or Pentagram Tapestry. A pentacle is a 5 pointed star. Each point symbolizes a different element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the 5th is Spirit.  The pentacle is also a positive symbol of protection. This pentacle tapestry would be ideal for a table cloth, bed spread, wall hanging, or altar cloth. You can even hang these pentagram tapestries from the ceiling!
A pentacle is a 5 pointed star. Each point symbolizes a different element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the 5th is Spirit.  The Wiccan pentacle is also a positive symbol of protection.

Use our great Celtic pentacle tapestry as an altar cloth, bedspread or wall hanging, festive table cloth, even curtains! 
Wonderful Celtic knot design around the border, with a interwoven pentacle inside a circle, in the center. The purple color & design may vary slightly, as these tapestry are imported from India. 

Hand wash, in cold water. These tapestries are made in India, from 100% cotton.

MGWPP Purple Pentacle Tapestry  $24.95 each                 
Above: Wiccan Pentacle or Pentagram Tapestry.

Wiccan Pentacle Tapestry
Celtic Pentagram Tapestries
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