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Red is a color of happiness and energy. In Feng Shui, Red is said to be the most auspicious color and the ultimate color for promoting Yang energy. Red strengthens and energizes wherever it appears and it representative of the fire element. However, if fire gets out of control it will burn, so use Red wisely.

Red Satin Cord
In Feng Shui, red symbolizes auspiciousness and protection.
The red cord can be used for tying bamboo flutes, chinese coins, chimes, crystals, etc. It is too thick to be strung directly through a small crystal, but would make an excellent hanger loop.

Each package of red cord has 1 piece of cord. Each piece is 10 feet long. 
Red Satin Cord   $2.49  a package.


Chinese Red Paper Envelopes
In Feng Shui, Red Envelopes are used to enhance luck, prosperity and happiness. Coins are generally placed in the envelopes and then they are placed in wealth sectors, at the four corners of a desk, at the corners of a door frame, etc.
Our lucky red envelopes measure approximately 3" x 4" and are decorated with Chinese symbols of luck. Each package comes with 8 red envelopes.
Lucky Chinese Red  Envelopes $2.00 per package

32% faceted Austrian Leaded Crystal Balls
In Feng Shui, crystals represent the earth element. Crystals are suitable for the southwest and northwest sectors, as they are considered to bring luck to education, romance and social interaction.
Crystals represent the earth energy and bring plenty of yang energy into your home. Place in the NW or West to activate the wealth potential of these two sectors.
Natural or man-made crystals are excellent for activating love, romance and relationships in your life. These crystals are best located in the Southwest sector for this purpose.
Hang in a window to fill your room with dancing colors that disperse negative chi.
Our crystals are 32% leaded Austrian Crystal, perfect for Feng Shui cure use. Each ball comes with a length of monofilament line, for hanging.
Sizes available are:
20mm faceted 32% leaded Austrian Crystal Ball   $14.95 each

Red Tassels
Red tassels are used to hang from flutes and used to activate. Tassels, feathers, & beads can be added to anything to energize cures. They are good for enhancing actions.  Each pack contains 1 red tassel.
Red Tassels $1.75 A Pack

Prosperity Coin Balls
The Prosperity Coin Ball is made from replicas of ancient Chinese coins, resembling a circle which represents heaven while the inside square shape is said to symbolize the earth. Combined with the auspicious colour red, which together with the many coins is believed to attract prosperity & wealth. It is recommended to place this symbol in your wealth corner or if in your place of business, hang near the cash register, business phone or computer. When placed behind your desk at work, the coin ball represents financial success for the project you are working on. Placed over a doorway is also good Feng Shui. Some people choose to wear them tied to their belts or placed inside a bag. Some prosperity Balls  have bells or sometimes tassels. These represent  positive Chi, as they move with the Chi of life, such as the circulation of air. Coin balls are also used as amulets  for protection against negativity or harmful influences.

Our prosperity coin ball has 12 coins, 2 bells, 2 green and red tassels with luck symbols, and a red hanging loop. The ball is about 1 3/4"
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Feng Shui Supplies
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating harmonious surroundings through perfect placement.  This page has different feng shui supplies & cures, a combination of feng shui tools to help increase Qi-Chi in your home, to help bring abundance, health, and happiness to you and yours.
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Prosperity Coin Ball. These prosperity coin balls may be hung in the wealth sector, over the cash register, etc., to increase prosperity and abundance.
Chinese Red Paper Envelopes-Red Envelopes are used to enhance luck, prosperity and happiness. Coins are generally placed in the envelopes and then they are placed in wealth sectors, at the four corners of a desk, at the corners of a door frame, etc.
Red satin cord. Red cord can be used to add yang energy to your flutes, crystals, chimes, etc. Red is auspicious and protective.
32% faceted Austrian Leaded Crystal Balls-Representing the earth element, crystals are suitable for the southwest and northwest sectors. They are considered to bring luck to education, romance and social interaction.
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Red Envelopes
20mm 32% Crystal Ball
Red Tassel
Coin Ball
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Red Tassel-In Feng Shui, red tassels are hung to activate cures or add power to feng shui cures.