Exotic Perfumes-Unique Gift Ideas-Unusual Gifts-Amber Fragrance Krishna Musk Scent-Solid Perfume By Song Of India Soapstone Jar Perfume-Liquid Amber Solid Perfume In Beeswax Base. Krishna Musk Solid Perfume
Grandpa's General Store-Unique Gifts Occult & Metaphysical Supplies-Song Of India Krishna Musk Solid Perfume. The Krishna Musk Solid Perfume, from Song Of India and R-Expo, are quality natural perfume with a beeswax base. As always, we are very impressed by the care and quality that goes into all of the Song of India products. This fine perfume would make an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys exotic fragrances from distant lands. Amber Scent Solid Perfume-Song Of India Amber Perfume in a soapstone jar-Liquid Amber Solid Perfumes.Krishna Musk Fragrance-Song of India Fragrances From The Far East. Exotic Perfumes
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   Exotic Gifts For The Bath & Body
~ Song Of India Perfume
  ~ Solid Perfume In A Soapstone Jar
Song Of India Solid Perfumes

Song of India combines their own unique perfume blends in a beeswax base, to create creamy, richly textured specialty fragrances.  These exotic products are further enhanced by their hand-carved soapstone containers.  Each Song Of India solid perfume comes in  a hand carved soapstone jar, and a purple and gold gift box.
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Small Soapstone Perfume Jars
SM Solid Perfume-Amber

Medium Soapstone Perfume Jars
MD Solid Perfume-Amber
MD Solid Perfume-Krishna Musk
Song Of India Solid Perfume ~
Hand Carved Soapstone Perfume Gift Box
Solid Amber Perfume ~ Solid Krishna Musk Perfume

Our Song Of India solid perfumes come in two fragrances, Amber & Krishna Musk!
Amber is one of the most awsome fragrances.  It has an intoxicating spicy- sweet aroma.  Its calming, yet uplifting fragrance helps to balance the body, mind, and soul. It is said to harmonize the "etheric" body.

My personal opinion is that amber is a "happy" fragrance.  It
almost gives me a natural buzz.  I suppose that is because it is
euphoric, for me.  I have had many of my customers say the
same thing.  When I am not up and happy, this amber scent
brings me up, every time.  Your mileage may differ ;0)

Krishna Musk has a lovely sandalwood scent, very earthy and
sensual. We have Krishna Musk Solid Perfume,
Krishna Musk
Perfume Oil
, Krishna Musk Incense Sticks, and Krishna
Musk Incense Cones
. You could easily put together a Krishna
Musk Gift Box for your favorite Krishna Musk Fanatic!

Two Solid Perfume Sizes Available!

The perfume, pictured above, may appear larger than the actual
soapstone jar you will receive. Our Small Song Of India Solid Perfumes come in a tiny hand carved soapstone jar. The soapstone jars measure about 1 1/4" across. Each perfume also comes packed within a 2" purple gift box with gold trim.

Our Medium Song Of India Solid Perfumes come in a slightly larger hand carved soapstone jar. The soapstone jars measure about 1 1/2" across. Each perfume also comes packed within a 2 1/4" purple gift box with gold trim. These make an elegant gift, and the fragrance is one that most will appreciate!

SOISSAMSM   Small Soapstone Song Of India Solid Perfume
Amber Fragrance $6.95 Each

SOISSAMMD   Medium Soapstone Song Of India Solid
Perfume - Amber Fragrance $12.95 Each

SOISSKMMD Medium Soapstone Song Of India Solid
Perfume - Krishna Musk Fragrance $12.95 each
Exotic Gifts From The Far East-Song Of India Solid Perfumes In Soapstone Jars-Liquid Amber Solid Perfume-Krishna Musk Pefume In Soapstone Jars.
Last Updated April 25, 2004