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Grandpa's Gift Certificates  
A Great Way To Give Unique Gifts   

So, you found some unique gifts you think they might like....but you just aren't sure which gift? Why not try our gift certificates?

Gift certificates from Grandpa's make it easy to give wonderful unique gifts, every time, and are sure to bring some great smiles!

Gift certificates can make your life a whole lot easier, too.  We do all the work, they get to choose exactly what kind of gifts they want, and you get all the credit for being so thoughtful!!  

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Gift Certificates
From Grandpa's General Store

Our gift certificates are just the thing for that last minute gift, that hard to buy for person, or that new age friend that loves all this stuff, but you aren't sure what to give.

Grandpa's gift certificates may be used for any purchase at Grandpa's!  They are easy to use, fast, and convenient.
• You can order Grandpa's gift certificates in amounts as little as $5.00 or as much as $200.00 each!

• Our gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of issue and are used the same as cash for anything at Grandpa's.

•Instructions for redemption are right on the cerificate!  Easy, no muss, no fuss!

• Your gift certificates will be created, personalized and mailed to your destination, or we can email the certificate numbers to you!  You can even use our
Free E-Cards, to send an announcement of the special gift!

No additional shipping charges are added for gift certificates. If you order other gift items, you will only be charged the shipping for those items. All "certificate only" orders are subject to the $2.00 Insurance/Handling fee. 
Grandpa's gift certificates come personalized and printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

Click on the arrow, to choose the dollar amount for your certificate:

Then, place the name of person(s) who will redeem in the box, below. Example: Mary & John White
If you do not want a name printed, just leave this blank.


Are you in a hurry?
Check here, and we will email the number to you, instead of sending the certificate! Leave everything else blank, and click on the "add to your shopping cart" button.

If you would like us to mail the certificate to your recipient, place the address in the boxes, below. If you leave the address fields blank, we will send the certificate to the address that is on your checkout order form.
Please note, that we do not ship to PO Boxes.

Street Address:

Apartment or Suite number:



Zip Code:

Click on "add to your shopping cart" to add this gift certificate to your shopping cart!
You will be taken to your shopping cart where you will see the gift
certificate and recipients name and address.  If it is incorrect in anyway, change the quantity to 0, then change quantity.
This will remove the certificate from your basket. Then click on "return to shopping" to submit again.

You can also click on "return to shopping" to add a new certificate to
your order.
If everything looks good and you are ready, simply check out and you are done! Still have more questions?
Read Here!
More Ways To Use Gift Certificates!

How To Purchase Multiple Gift Certificates:

•First, pick the dollar amount for the first certificate.

•Then enter the name of the first recipient. If you wish us to mail the certificate to the recipient, please add the address.

•Then click on "add to your shopping cart".
You will be taken to your shopping cart where you will see the gift certificate and recipients name. Make sure the information is correct. If not, follow the directions given above. If all is correct, continue.

•Then click on "return to shopping."
You will be returned to this page, where you can add another gift certificate, exactly the same way. 
You can repeat this process as many times as you need and in any different amounts you need.

Give Multiple Certificates To The Same Person

You can even order five separate $25.00 gift certificates for the
same person! Simply, follow the directions above for ordering one
single certificate.

When you arrive in the shopping cart, change the number in the box that says "change qty then click", then click on the arrow, and you have multiple gift certificates for one person. This can be really nice for the recipient, because they can spend them as they need, instead of all at once!

To Purchase A Single Gift Certificate
For More Than One Person

You want to give one certificate to Shane and Emily, as a couple.  Just enter both their names in the box and the certificate will have both their names on it. Simple!        
Example:   "Shane & Emily Jones"

     Gift Certificates Make Perfect Last Minute Gifts

You can even purchase a few "blank" gift certificates for last minute gifts! Simply, pick the amount, but leave the name blank. When you arrive in the shopping cart, change the number in the box that says "change qty then click", then click on the arrow, and you have multiple gift certificates!

You will receive gift certificates in the amounts that you choose, with the names left blank, mailed right to your home.
Roll them up, tie them with a colorful ribbon, and they are ready and waiting!  Grandpa's gift certificates make great last minute gifts! 

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