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In Grandpa's Occult Supplies, You will find many of the metaphysical tools and occult supplies you need to take you down your own path.

Not all links from this page, are strictly occult or metaphysical. Many are crossovers into other categories. It is like having many occult stores in one place.

On our Incense pages, you will find many of your favorite Occult supplies, like resin incense, powdered incense, herbs & resins, pure essential oils, perfume & fragrance oils, Swift Lite Charcoal blocksIncense Burner Sand, Native American style smudge wands, & smudging supplies, White Sage, Nag Champa Incense, Many types of imported indian incense & dhoop, Incense burners, thuribles, censers, & more, you will find it all here!

In Psychic & Divination Tools, you will find Metaphysical & Occult supplies like:  Tarot cards, Tarot Bags, Tarot Cloths, Tarot spread sheets, divination tools, aura glasses, a crystal ball, telekinetic tools, astrology, runes, pendulums, I Ching (iching, yi king, etc) coins, Feng Shui Cures, Chinese Fortune Telling Sticks (Chien Tung) The Transformation Game, psychic talking boards or ouija game, scrying bowls, and more!

In Ritual Tools, you will find Magic Spellcraft supplies like:  altar cloths, spellcraft, ritual tools, cauldrons, chalices, quill pens and ink, magick supplies, spell candles, bags, bells, pentacles, ritual incense, essential oils, magic herbs, pentagrams? You will find these and much more, in Ritual Tools and Supplies.

Just looking for Occult Tools like Tarot Decks?
Try the many Tarot pages. We have Egyptian Tarot Decks, Historical Tarot Decks, Native American Tarot decks, Nature Tarot Decks, Pagan Decks, and more...  to help you learn occult divination techniques.

In Our Books Section, you will find occult and metaphysical books, books on wicca and witchcraft, books on shamanism, paganism, angel magic, magick , scrying, crystal gazing, water divination, crystals, new age,  etc?  Looking for some instruction in a particular area? Need a calendar, greeting card  or annual? Try our new Books section!

In Our  Bargain pages, you may find a deal on occult supplies! You will find many interesting items that are remainders, discontinued, or just such a wonderful bargain, I couldn't resist them.

Check out the New Stuff Pages, to find out what's new at Grandpa's!

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If you know what you are looking for and saw it here before, you can email me for availability. I am also happy to get requests for new items, too. When we get enough requests, we will add the product :)
If you are looking for something in particular, you can search Grandpa's, by entering a keyword or two, just to your left, or you can
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Occult Shop and Metaphysical Supplies-In our occult stores, everything Occult for the new age seeker, neopagan, witch, magician, shaman, Occultist and more...We have a large selection of ritual incense, magic herbs, occult resins, powders, and more...Into magick stores? Check out ritual tools and spellcraft supplies! Occult stores and metaphysical shops.
Grandpa's General Store-Occult Shop And Metaphysical Supplies. Like many occult stores, in one place. Get your Wicca tools, Pagan supplies, witchcraft items, spellcraft supplies, ritual tools, divination tools, new age gifts, and more, right here! Grandpa's wants to help you find what you need.  Looking for a pagan store, witch store, occult store, new age shop? We have magic (magick) tools and Occult supplies for all your needs. Occult stores, and Metaphysical Shops.
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