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Grandpa's Fountain Accessories
Flat Glass Accent Marbles

Now, you have your fountain and you want to add something special to it. Why not try some flat glass accent marbles? When the fountain water hits these flat marbles, they reflect more light, give depth to your fountain, giving it a more elegant look.  Some people will fill the entire fountain bowl with these flat accent marbles, others will use just a few marbles for great effect.  Using just a few flat marbles can help you direct light to certain areas of your fountain. Using a whole bowlful of accent marbles in your fountain, gives it an almost otherworldly feel and a look of richness and opulence.
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Unique Gifts From Around The World -Flat glass accent marbles for fountains, flat marbles for fountains, flat marbles for aquariums or fish tanks, flat marbles for crafts or craft marbles.
Grandpa's Flat Accent Marbles
Fountain Accessories, Aquarium Marbles,
Or  Marbles For Floral Arrangments

Our glass accent marbles are flat, like pebbles made of glass, instead of stone.  These flat marbles are perfect for adding to your table top fountain, attracting light and adding richness to your fountain display.
As aquarium marbles, these marbles can be a great asset to any fishtank, adding color and interest.  As aquarium marbles, flat marbles are also used for protecting fish eggs that are laid on the bottom of the aquarium, from being eaten by the adult fish.
As Floral Supplies, these accent marbles are placed in the bottom of the flower vase.  The flat marbles will add color and light to any floral arrangement in a glass vase.  The accent marbles are also used like a flower frog to keep the flowers positioned properly.
Used in crafts; many people are using these as craft marbles to add to their candle crafts, for making glass and cement stepping stones and garden crafts, for making mosaic pictures, and more...
As you can see, these flat glass accent marbles have many uses besides fountain accessories! Still, this is our main focus for the accent marbles, as an attractive way to spruce up your  table top fountains.
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Aqua Ice Blue Flat Marbles
Clear Flat Fountain Marbles
Cobalt Blue Flat Fountain Marbles
Green Flat Fountain Marbles
Luster Clear Flat Marbles
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These glass accent marbles and are perfect to add to your table top prosperity fountains.  The flat marbles are also great to use for craft marbles, aquarium marbles, and fountain marbles to add to  a  fountain kit! These look great in any fountain, and add color and richness to your fountain display, too!
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Aqua Ice Blue Flat Glass Accent Marbles - These flat marbles are just the thing for adding a little something to your table top fountain.
Clear Flat Glass Accent Marbles - These flat marbles are just the thing for adding a little something to your table top fountain. Clear marbles are great in a colored bowl, emphasizing the color of the fountain bowl, and the fountains rocks.
Cobalt Blue Accent Marbles -These marbles are made of flat cobalt blue colored glass, and will add lots of color to almost any table top fountain, fish tank, or flower vase.
Green Flat Marbles - These green accent marbles are just the thing to add some cool ocean like color to your fountain, aquarium, or flower vase.  If you want to get really cool, why not get a bag of blue marbles, and a bag of green marbles and mix them together?
Clear Iridescent Flat Glass Accent Marbles - These flat marbles are just the thing for adding a little something to your table top fountain. The iridescent clear marbles have a luster, giving the marbles an opal look, adding an almost magical quality to you your table top fountain.
Fountain Accessories
Grandpa's Flat Glass Accent Marbles

Our fountain marbles come in 1 lb bags. These accent marbles are made of glass, are flat and are a little over 1/2" across. They are ideally suited for fountain use, and make very good looking fountain accessories, adding light, color, and depth to your table top fountains.
These flat glass marbles come in 5 colors, at present.  We have an aqua ice blue, clear, cobalt dark blue, and green.  We also have a luster clear, that gives the marbles an iridescent look of opals.
Aqua Ice Blue Flat Glass Marbles  $4.99 a pound bag
Clear Flat Glass Marbles                 $4.99 a pound bag
Cobalt Blue Flat Glass Marbles      $4.99 a pound bag
Green Flat Glass Marbles                $4.99 a pound bag
Clear Luster Flat Glass Marbles     $6.99 a pound bag