Original Toy Potato Gun- Big Kids Love Our the potato guns, too! Great for target practice or potato wars, with your friends! Get your own potato guns, here!
Toy Potato Gun- Grandpa's General Store-Unique Gifts Occult & Metaphysical Supplies-The Original Potato Gun-Really cheap fun. Almost anyone can afford a potato. Potato guns are great for target practice, or to play potato tag with your friends. Buy your friends potato guns, too!
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Get Your Original Potato Gun, Here!
Totally Organic Ammo & Biodegradable Fun!

The Original Potato Gun
Shoots Harmless Potato Pellets!

What? You have never seen a toy Potato Gun, before???? You don't know what you have been missing!
Potato guns shoot little bits of potato. You can shoot at targets, or you can have your own little game of potato tag, with your friends. We prefer the latter. :)

We have had so much fun with these! I like squirt gun wars, but this does them just one step better.  You won't run out of ammo, either, just at the most important moment. Most potatos will give you about 300 shots! And, you can always carry a spare round...
Plus, you can get more ammo at any grocery store, and thousands of potato pellets, only cost about a buck. Really cheap fun!

How do they work?
Well, you punch the barrel of the potato gun into a fresh potato, and break off a small piece of the potato, as you pull the gun out. The bit of potato is now blocking the barrel of the gun. When you squeeze the trigger, the gun sends the potato bit, sailing, sometimes 50 feet! It all depends on how hard and fast you squeeze the trigger...

*  The Potato Gun Is Completely Harmless
*  The Potato Gun Never Wears Out
*  The Potato Gun Is Built Of Sturdy Construction To Last
*  Just Press Nozzle Into Potato And Gun Is Loaded!
*  Lots Of Silly Fun, Biodegradable Ammo, Too!

Make your own targets of paper, cardboard, aluminum cans or other light materials. The potato gun shoots about 50 feet, but it needs light targets to knock over.

Potato guns are safe and sturdy, built to last. If you know a kid from 6 to 106, who likes to have fun, they will love the potato gun!

The potato gun comes packaged, as shown, in a colorful box. The back of the box has instructions with pictures, for loading and shooting the spud gun, and also cleaning instructions, so your potato gun will last for years and years.
The gun is black and red, measures approximately 6 1/2"Long x 4" High,  x 1" Wide. The box measures  about 6 3/4" x 7" x 1".

Prices are as follows-Please note-No quantity discounts are available, except those listed below.
B3560 The Original Potato Gun  $3.49each
2 for $5.99
12 for $33.28

Sorry, Potato not included. Choking hazard, not for children under 3.
Avoid shooting any objects into the eye area.
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Toy Potato guns for sale, here! The Original Potato Gun! Have Lots of fun playing potato tag, with your friends, or target shooting with the spud gun. It shoots real potato bits. Totally Organic Ammo & Biodegradable Fun! Harmless, and never wears out! Get your potato guns, here!
Toy potato gun-The original potato gun. Shoots real pieces of fresh potato. Have a game of potato tag, with your friends. Great Toy potato guns, for kids of all ages.
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