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Amber Resin Charm Necklace

Amber Resin from the Himalayas has an intoxicating spicy- sweet aroma.  Its calming, yet uplifting fragrance helps to balance the body, mind, and soul.

Boxed in a beautiful brass charm, this amber pendant is the perfect accessory to almost any outfit.  Wear them to attract the one you love or simply to crate an inner sense of harmony.  Its rich and wonderful scent will last and last.

My personal opinion is that amber resin is a "happy" scent.  It almost gives me a natural buzz.  I suppose that is because it is euphoric, for me.  I have had many of my customers say the same thing.  When I am not up and happy, this amber scent brings me up, every time.  Your mileage may differ ;0)
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Unique Gifts From Around The World! Grandpa's amber resin jewelry is intoxicating. Amber resin creates a euphoric feeling of peace and harmony. Our amber jewlry is not only gorgeous, but reasonably priced, as well! Can also make a great gift for the hippy in your family!
Hippy Jewelry-Fragrant Amber Resin Charm-May be adjusted to almost any length, so it can be worn as a pendant or as a choker.  Really quite lovely, and smells heavenly!
Fragrant Amber Resin Charm Necklace

The Simples Facts
The amber charm itself is brass filigree, about 1/2" square. The charm is filled with amber resin.  The charm is attached by a jump ring to a black cord, about 32 " long.  The cord is fully adjustable, so you can wear this as a pendant necklace or as a choker, if you like.
The cord is tightly woven and should handle some wear. The amber resin necklace comes mounted to a descriptive card and is wrapped in plastic. This  makes for an attractive gift.  See the top of the page, for a more asthetic description:)

JAN  Square Amber Charm Necklace  $18.95   
Amber Necklace
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