Psychic And Divination Tools- Grandpa's has Tarot, Ouija, Talking Boards, Oracles, I Ching, and more.. everything for your divination and scrying needs. We have esp or rhine cards, the transformation game, telekinetic tool, aura glasses, scrying bowls, pendulums, runes, and so much more.
Psychic & Divination Tools-Grandpa's General Store-Psychic supplies and divination tools, the cool place to shop online. Let us be your psychic store. We have tarot decks, psychic talking boards, scrying tools, astrology software, aura glasses, crystal pendulums, crystal balls and more. Grandpa's is a great divination store, with ouija games, cryptique boards, scrying bowls, runes, i ching coins, and feng shui cures, kits, and supplies.
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Last Updated April 12, 2004     
Psychic Supplies & Divination Tools

We have many  psychic tools & supplies to help you develop your psychic gifts & ESP powers. If you are looking for divination tools & supplies, we have many items traditionally used in divination to read fortunes, divine the future, and connect with your own higher self, soul, or Spirit.

If you are looking for  Divination tools, Psychic
supplies, metaphysical gifts, Tarot cards, Tarot
Supplies, spread sheets, or quartz crystal balls,
you have come to the right place!

We have some great tools for developing your ESP,
like telekinetic tools, aura glasses, astrology kits,
pendulums, I Ching (iching, yi king, etc) coins,
Norse runes, scrying tools and more!

We also offer the Transformation Game, psychic talking
boards, ouija games, and a host of Feng Shui supplies!

Be sure to check out
Grandpa's Special Buys while you are here, for any one of a kind, or limited quantity psychic supplies & unique gift ideas!

Tarot Cards & Decks  

Just looking for tarot decks? Try the many Tarot pages.
Grandpa's has a wide variety of tarot cards for your divination needs.. Many more are available, but not listed here.  So if you can't find the deck you want, just ask!

Tarot Spread Sheets, Bags,
Silk Tarot Cloths, & Card Boxe

Tarot Spread Sheets

Tarot Spread Sheet-Spread sheets with the Celtic Cross spread, and tarot card placement meaning. A great beginners tool!

Tarot Bags & A host of other bags, too!
see the full assortment, here!

Brocade Tarot Bags -Royal purple silk brocade bags
Plain Satin Tarot Bags -A great place to store your Tarot cards! Our satin bags come in black, blue, and purple!
Velvet Tarot Bags-Black velvet Tarot bag, lined with purple satin!

Tarot Cloths

Silk Tarot cloths -Also known as Tarot covers or spread cloths

Tarot Boxes

Tarot boxes
- Beautiful wooden boxes to store your Tarot cards or ???

Other Divination Tools

Astrology Kit --Sorry, not available
The Instant Astrologer- Astrology Software & book!
Sorry,the above are out of stock-awaiting details of availability

Cryptique Talking Board Game-Ouija Type Board- Style based on graveyards of Salem, MA

Future Cast Di-Cerot Divination Kit!
Use these magical blocks to tell your own or a friend's future!

The Psychic Talking Board-Native American Style, OuijaŽ Type Talking Board

The OuijaŽ Oracle Card Game- Use it as a game for developing ESP, or use it as an oracle!

Witching Stones Kit-Magic Spell & Divination Kit!
Divine your future, cast magic spells, and a complete altar-in-a-box for the Wiccan with limited space.

Scrying Tools, Crystal Balls, Pendulums,
Scrying Bowls, Runes, Etc..

Chinese Fortune Telling Sticks ~ Chien Tung Sticks
To use the fortune telling sticks, think of a question, or if you
just want a general reading, just shake the container, until one stick falls out, it is that easy! Look the answer up, in the booklet, to reveal your fortune!

Crystal Balls-Get your rock quartz and leaded crystal ball here, for scrying into the future...Comes with instructions, too!

Pendulums-Pendulums are widely used for divination
(fortune telling), but are also used for healing and dowsing (finding objects like water) Our pendulums come with divination instructions, too!
Amethyst Pendulums
Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulums

Interested in Norse, or Scandinavian, Divination? Runes have been used in Norse traditions, for hundreds, if not thousands of years, to help divine the future and make decisions.  We have a set of Runes that comes with a best selling book, so you can start to learn Rune divination, right away!

Book of Runes-Rune and Book Set!

Pewter Runes-Set of 25 Pewter Runes comes  with a satin pouch and instruction booklet, too!

Scrying Bowls ~ Water Gazing Divination

Scrying Bowls - Our scrying bowl, may be small in size, but in
ancient Babylon, they used to polish up the thumbnail to scry, so size is not an issue. Get yourself a little scrying bowl, complete with instructions, to get yourself started learning to scry using water divination.

Witching Stones Kit-Magic Spell & Divination Kit!
Divine your future, cast magic spells, and a complete altar-in-a-box for the Wiccan with limited space.

Chakra Tools

Chakra Balancing Kit-By Wendy Lambert
Chakras are major energy centers located along the human spine. The Chakra Balancing Kit is a very cool little kit to learn about healing the chakras. Learn how to open closed or blocked chakras, in order to allow a state of health to return.

ESP "Extra Sensory Perception" Tools

Aura Glasses-These indigo aura glasses can help you to actually see auras. Comes with instruction booklet with exercises, too!

ESP Test Cards ~ Zenner ~ Rhine Test Cards

Want to build a little ESP muscle? Want to know just how clairvoyant you already are? Interested in remote viewing? Check out the
ESP Test Cards! Also known as Zenner or Rhine cards.

Telekinetic Tool-This very cool tool can be used to develop your telekinetic ability.

Transformation Game-The game that can change your life! A game of personal transformation, developed at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.
The Transformation Game is a stock item.
The Solo and Earth-Solo Games -These are supplements to The Transformation Game, so the game can be played by one person.
Solo/Earth Solo supplements are "Special Order" $24.95 Feel
free to add to your order, in the special comments section of your checkout form. Sometimes, it is in stock. If not, it usually ships within 14 days.

Feng Shui Cures, I Ching Coins,
Feng Shui Tools, & Supplies!

Antique Style Chinese Coins
32% Austrian Leaded Crystal Balls For Hanging
Chinese Fortune Telling Sticks ~ Chien Tung Sticks
Feng Shui Cure Kits
I Ching Coins-Yin Yang Style
I Ching Coins-Antique Style
Lucky Red Envelopes- Great New Years Gifts, and Prosperity
Prosperity Coin Balls- Hang in your Wealth Corner
Red Tassels- Add power and energy to your cures
Red Satin Cord or Cording- Use to hang flutes, coins, and more!

Want to learn about Feng Shui? Visit our
Feng Shui Articles in the Learn Stuff Pages!

Looking for some instruction in a particular area? Want a book for your tarot cards?  Want to know about the dangers of Ouija? Want to know about past lives, or how to meet your spirit guide?
Try our
Books section!

Looking for a deal? Try our
Bargain pages.  You will find many interesting items that are remainders, discontinued, or just such a wonderful bargain, I couldn't resist them.

Need some things to set the mood for your spiritual explorations? Check out our special incense, candles, and oils, in
Ritual Tools.

Grandpa's Proudly Accepts Personal Checks, Money Orders,
Cashiers Checks, &  The Following Credit Cards:

We have Many Styles Of Tarot Cards To Choose From! Everything you need to learn to read the tarot cards and learn to receive guidance. We also have wood tarot boxes, silk tarot covers or cloths, satin bags to keep your decks in, Tarot spread sheets to learn how to lay out the cards, and satin brocade tarot bags, too!
Prosperity Coin Ball- Used in Feng Shui, to enhance the wealth sector, also used for protection. We have lots of feng shui cures like red envelopes, i ching coins, crystal balls, red tassels and cords, even feng shui cure kits!
Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulums. Our quartz pendulum is on a silver chain. We also have amethyst pendulums, and rock quartz crystal balls, and leaded glass crystal balls, Nordic or Norse Runes, made out of pewter, scrying bowls, and more, for all your divination needs.
Pathfinder Psychic Talking Board-A Ouija Board Type Divination Tool. We also have the Cryptique talking board and the Ouija oracle card game. check it out!
Legally necessary MagicalWitchcraftMetaphysicalOccultMumboJumboDisclaimerThingy - All items and articles, either spiritual or magickal in
nature, are presented or sold as curios only. The owners and staff at Grandpa's General Store make no claims as to the effectiveness of the
products sold, or to the validity or effectiveness of any of the magickal/metaphysical information presented. But on a personal note... our
customers have overall been very pleased with these products and services. Want to know what people say?
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