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Silver (White Metal) Jingle Bell Anklets

These are really cool silver bell anklets! They jingle in a very pleasing way. If you have ever seen a belly dancer in full dress, you have probably heard the sound of these silver bell anklets, jingling as she moves. It is an almost "shimmering" sound, with many different bell tones combined to create a wave of pleasure.

It is said that evil spirits and elemental pranksters  are easily driven away by the sounds of bells chiming, no matter the size.

Anyone who knows me, knows that they will often find me with bells on my wrist, as I truly enjoy the sound of these anklets, but prefer to wear them as a bell bracelet.  I simply removed surplus length, to shorten them to wristlet size.
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Unique Gifts From Around The World! Silver jingle anklets or bracelets, with bells.
Jingle Bell Anklet
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Silver Bell Anklets

These are made of a silver / white metal, that aquires a nice patina, with time.  The bell anklet is about 10 inches long, with about 20 tiny bells dangling from the anklet.

The silver bell anklet is easily adjusted in size, by hooking the closure through any of the bell rings.  I have made these into bracelets, for myself, by removing unwanted links to shorten the length.

As these are each made individually, they will vary slightly in length, number of bells, and tone.

These jingle bell anklets also make wonderful  inexpensive gifts for anyone who is into belly dancing, ethnic clothing, or enjoys the current "hippy look".

JSBA10        10" Silver Bell Anklet   $3.99 each
Click on the silver bell anklet, for a larger image.