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Looking for a gift  with the feel of the Orient? Check out Grandpa's selection of Oriental gifts, just right for those in love with the culture of the Far East! Just click on a picture, below, to take you to those kinds of gifts! 
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Gifts From The Orient
Oriental Gift Ideas
Geisha are traditional entertainers who offer music, dance and companionship in private restaurants and banquets. This fine glazed porcelain sake set includes service for four.  With a beautiful Japanese Geisha design, our porcelain sake serving set comes with 1 server called Tokkuri,  and 4 little cups called Sakazuki, plus some historic notes on sake and basic instructions for serving sake.
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Hotei is a laughing Buddha. He is supposed to bring good luck and fortune, which he carries around in his bag.
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Feng Shui Cure Kit-Everything you need to begin using Feng Shui-Wind & Water
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Chinese Health Balls-Iron Baoding Balls-Iron Ball Direction-Sort of like an accupressure tool for peace and better health
Curtains are used in Feng Shui to slow down chi movement. See our beaded curtains, here!
Water fountains are used often in the orient because they are believed to enhance positive chi or energy.
Hotei Buddha Prosperity Fountain-Indoor table top feng shui prosperity fountains!