Gifts From Around The World-Aromatherapy Oils-Aromatherapy supplies, Pure Essential Oils From Lotus Light-Perfect for aromatherapy use and for crafting potpourri, sachets, bathsalts, and incense making supplies.
Pure Essential Oils From Lotus Light

Our pure essential oils come in a 2 dram square bottle, with a black plastic lid. The prices vary quite a bit, depending on the essential oil. The oils are of a high quality and come with a plain label.  This is to keep the cost down for you.

Pure essential oils are actual extracts from the plants/resins/ organic material that they are named for.  Pure Jasmine absolute can cost as much as $60.00 for only 1/6 oz. 
We can order any oils you need (this usually only adds 1 additional day to delivery).  Below is a selection in stock and we will be adding more, as we go along.

Being pure essential oils, they are not diluted and will need to be, if you are going to wear them or use them for your bath, etc.. Apricot, almond, grapeseed, 
jojoba, even safflower oil will work as carrier oils.  You only need about 5-10 drops of essential oils in 1/8 cup of carrier oil.  All essential oils should be kept in the dark, away from heat, to keep them potent. When properly stored, these essential oils can last and last and last...

Listed below are the Grandpa's pure essential oils currently available and the most common aromatherapy uses:

Basil Essential Oil- $7.20
Relaxing, uplifting-eases mild depression, clearing sinus, bug bites, soothes nervous system, pms moods, comforting and calming, money drawing.  
Avoid if pregnant.

Bergamot Essential Oil-$8.75
Uplifting, antiseptic, restful sleep, peace, skin balancing, normalizing, confidence building, calming, stress, mild depression, regulate appetitite, pms mood swings.

Camphor Essential Oil- $3.29
Clarifying, energizing, strengthens the heart, protective. Good for muscle aches, colds, flu.
Always dilute, unless instructed otherwise!

Cedarwood Essential Oil-$3.00
Harmonizing, calming, relaxing, antiseptic, tonic, expectorant, diuretic, rejuvenates, anxiety easing, strengthening, self-control.

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil-$4.60
Refreshing, vitalizing, seductive, calming to nervous system, stress relief, colds.
Avoid if pregnant. Use care with sensitive skin and mucus membranes.  
Cinnamon Cassia Leaf-$5.95-warmer scent, spicier than regular cinnamon leaf. Refreshing, aids in sleep, eases depression, colds, digestion, aphrodesiac. Avoid if pregnant. Use care with sensitive skin and mucus membranes.

Clove Bud Essential Oil-$4.25
Warming, sense enhancing, seductive, sleep inducing, antiseptic, analgesic, memory, healing open sores, aids in dreaming. 
Avoid if pregnant.

Cypress Essential Oil-$8.70
Purifying, warming tonic, increased circulation, balancing, good for concentration, calming hysteria, nervous stress, easing losses.

Frankincense Essential Oil-$21.90
Meditative, warm, calming, antiseptic, lung conditions, skin tonic, wrinkles, relieves anxiety, eases the blues, good for worriers. 
Avoid if pregnant.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil-$8.25
Strengthening, refreshing, restoring, detoxifier, paralysis, aids memory, relieves anxiety, invigorating, uplifting. Good for any system that is sluggish and unable to eliminate toxins, but care must be taken since it is a diuretic and may over stimulate the kidneys.
Use sparingly and Avoid if pregnant.

Lavender Essential Oil
Balancing, antibacterial, cell rejuvenator, soothing to the spirit, gently clarifying, normalizing, peaceful, helps sleep, pms mood swings, headache, celebacy, spiritually balances.

Lemon Essential Oil-$3.00
Energizing, uplifting, refreshing, digestive, health, energy, cheering, comforting, concentration, connection to innerself.

Lemongrass Essential Oil- $3.40
Vitalizing, cleansing, refreshing, seductive, psychic, uplifting, good for concentration, diuretic, irritability, and headaches.

Myrrh Oil- $17.65
Warm, rich, anti-inflamitory, gums & cankor sores, sedative, sensual, good for the worrier, lowers the panic level, kind to ageing skin, fungicidal.

Avoid if pregnant.

Orange-See Sweet Orange

Patchouli-Patchouly Essential Oil -  $7.00
Romantic, soothing, exotic, sensual, seductive, fungicidal, tissue regenerator, energy, anti-depressant, money.

Pine-See Siberian Fir

Rosemary Essential Oil- $3.85
Clarifying, warming, invigorating, seductive, memory, mental fatigue, antiseptic, heart & liver, skin, hair, arthritis.
Avoid if pregnant, have high blood pressure, or epilepsy.

Sandalwood Essential Oil- $26.63
Calming, healing, euphoric, acne, dry skin, sex, relieves anxiety, eases depression, eases headaches, colds, meditation.

Siberian Fir Essential Oil- $4.00
Centering, elevating/grounding, refreshing, harmonizing, cleansing, uplifting, stomache, helps ease depression, soothes fatigue, colds, bronchitis, encourages the body to release toxins and is helpful for heavy smokers or convalescing.  protective, money.

Spearmint Essential Oil- $5.50
Refreshing, speeds healing, migraine relief, stress, nervous tension, aids in the digestion, uplifting, eases mild depression.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil- $2.49
refreshing, energizing, fun, anti depressent, warm and comforting, mild sedative, digestion, anxiety, stretch marks, magic.

Vetivert Essential Oil-$6.25
Sensual, aphrodesiac, soothing, relaxing, grounding, tranquility, good for mature, dry or irritated skin. Eases stress, anchoring, good with lavender.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil-$8.70
sensual, aphrodesiac, euphoric, helps self esteem, relaxing, sedative, eases insomnia. Helps to deal with/ease anger, rage, anxiety, shock, panic and fear.

Using pure jojoba oil, as the base, you can add about 5-10 drops of different essential oils for every 1/8 of a cup of jojoba
oil to make your own "essential oils".

Pure Jojoba Essential Oil-4 oz. Glass Bottle    $12.75

Pure Jojoba Essential Oil-1 Gallon =128 oz.   $197.00  

Yes, a gallon is a lot, but if you use lots of jojoba oil, you will save over 50% off of the retail price, and if it is stored in a cool, dry, dark place, it can last a very long time! This can also be good for a couple of friends to purchase together, then divide up, saving quite a bit of $$!
Grandpa's General Store-The cool place to shop online for pure essential oils and other aromatherapy supplies, like aromatherapy carrier oils! Pure Essential Oils From Lotus Light. Grandpa's Pure Essential oils can be powefully used.  Scent is one of our strongest senses and ties very closely to our emotions/feelings and memories. Our Pure Essential oils are widely used in healing and aromatherapy and come from Lotus Light. Great for making bath salts, potpourri supplies, metaphysical oils, and more.
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Oils For Aromatherapy Use

Pure Essential Oils From Lotus Light

Essential oils are extracted through the chemical process of distillation from aromatic plants, flowers, herbs, woods, and fibers. These essential oils not only give the plant their scent, but they are also essential for the plant’s biological processes. Because of this many refer to the essential oils as the "life-force" of the plant. Pure Essential oils are widely used in healing and aromatherapy.

Pure essential oils can be used(once blended) in a bath, in a sachet, on a candle, burned as incense, or worn on the person, and may help to change the way we think and feel, thus changing the course of our lives.
*** We also have empty, 1/2 oz. amber bottles with dropper caps.
They are round and short as opposed to most dropper bottles. Just got them in and don't have a picture, yet:)
These are perfect for storing your blended oils or tinctures!

LLGAB12  1/2oz. Amber bottle
with dropper   $1.85 each  
Essential oils are extracted through the chemical process of distillation from aromatic plants, flowers, herbs, woods, and fibers.
2 dram pure essential oils-These pure essential oils come with a black cap, and Grandpa's plain label. This is to keep costs down for you, without sacrificing quality.
Pure essential oils are actual extracts from the plants/resins/ organic material that they are named for.  Pure Jasmine absolute can cost as much as $60.00 for only 1/6 oz.  We can order any oils you need.
Our pure essential oils are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or malady. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, otherwise ill, or under a physicians care, please check with your physician before using essential oils. The statements in this information have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Want to know the magical associations & metaphysical properties for these essential oils? Click Here!
It is important to note that pure essential oils should not be used by the layman in place of proper medical attention. Some pure essential oils can cause nausea and vomiting if used in excess or improperly, and some can cause problems, including abortion of a fetus, in pregnant women.
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