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String Bells Or Chimes
Great For Feng Shui

These bells are made of brass and from India. The bells emit a shimmering sound, very high, and very calming. 

I used to have these hanging by my front counter, so that every time I walked past, the bells would chime.  They seem to bring something positive into the environment.

These string bells can be hung on a door or strung in a doorway, so as to be chimed regularly.  It is a very happy sound (unless, of course, you hate bells)!

The bells come on assorted colored strings. The colors of the cords vary quite a bit and we never know what colors are coming in. Sometimes, the strings are red. Other times they are a mixture of bright colors. 

The bell cord is about 36 inches long and has 11-12 bells tied along the string.  The bells are tiny at about 3/4 inch tall, with a high pitched chime. 

BELL4410 Indian String Bells
$2.99 a set(1 - 36 inch string)
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Last Updated August 30, 2004        
Brass Bells & Chimes

Bells and chimes make wonderful gifts. Bells and chimes are used in Feng shui to bring chi or energy to a space, enhancing the energy of the environment. Bells have also been rung to drive away evil spirits and prankish elementals. Then, there is always the old saying that every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings. Whatever the reason, bells & chimes  have a calming effect on many people. Here, you will find our current selection of bells and chimes.

Tibetan Altar Bells
Indian String Bells

Brass Tibetan Altar Bell
The base is round, above which is a vase surmounted by the face of the goddess Prajnaparamita. Above these are a lotus, a moon disc and finally a vajra. 
The hollow of the bell symbolizes the wisdom cognizing emptiness. The clapper represents the sound of emptiness. The eight lotus petals are the four mothers and four goddesses and the vase represents the vase containing the nectar of accomplishment. 

Paired with the vajra, the bell represents wisdom and, as wisdom and method are an undivided unity, so the vajra and bell are never parted or employed separately.

Our Tibetan Altar Bell also comes with a wooden striker.  The bell is about 5" Tall.
BELLTIB5  Tibetan Altar Bell With Striker
$14.95 each.
To add a bell to your order, click on the appropriate box and change the quantity to the number of bells you wish to purchase. When you have chosen all the bells, click on the "Add To Shopping Cart" button!

Tibetan Bell
String Bells
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The Brass Tibetan Altar Bell Is About 5 Inches Tall & Comes With A Wooden Stiker!
Brass string bells from India. They come with 11-12 bells on a 36 inch string. The cords may come in any color. Great sounding bells!