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Grandpa's General Store-Unique Gifts, Occult Shop, and Metaphysical Supplies. The cool place to shop online for aromatherapy supplies like aromatherapy oils. Song Of India Perfume Oil is very concentrated and can make a great addition to your aromatherapy supplies.
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Grandpa's carries a variety of aromatherapy supplies, including Spiritual Sky Perfume Oils, Song of India Perfume Oils, and Lotus Light Essential Oils.   Scent is one of our strongest senses and ties very closely to our emotions. Below you will find a selection of  Song of India Perfume oils currently available online. Keep checking back for new additions. 
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Grandpa's Perfume Oils
Aromatherapy Oils
Song Of India Perfume Oils
Song Of India Perfume Oils

These Song Of India Natural Perfume Oils are the purest Non-alcoholic fragrances and the most long lasting perfumes.
One drop of oil on cottonwool kept in your wallet may last for a couple of months all together.
Song Of India Natural Perfume Oils have a unique quality of maturing over the passage of time-maybe 5-7 years.  As they grow older, the oil gets thicker, darker and more pleasant in fragrance.   Each Song Of India Oil comes in 2.5cc glass bottle with instructions.
Liquid Amber Oil        Lotus Fragrance Oil      
   Sandalwood Oil
NEW! Frankincense Oil
Song Of India Perfume Oils  2.5cc glass bottle   $2.99 Each
Song Of India Perfume Oils. These oils are very concentrated and can be great for your aromatherapy supplies. We have Sandalwood Perfume Oil, Lotus Perfume Oil, and Amber Perfume Oil.
Aromatherapy & Travel

Aromatherapy light rings are a great way to travel. You can take your aromatherapy oil and light ring anywhere. Just a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil in the groove, place it on a light bulb and your hotel room smells like home, and you can sleep much better!
Brass Light Ring. A great aromatherapy travel item!
Aroma Light Rings

Place a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil in the groove of the ring and then place the ring(groove up) on a cool light bulb.  Flip on the light, the heat from the lamp heats the oil, the fragrance is released into the air, Voila!

Brass Aromatherapy Oil Rings

These are a closeout on current stock. They are new in the package, but have imperfections in the metal. They will still do the job perfectly.
Brass Oil Rings $1.25 each-
reg. $1.99

Terra Cotta Clay Oil Rings

These aroma light rings are fired Terra Cotta Clay and are generally much preferred over the brass, as the clay is porous and will provide fragrance from both the top and bottom of the ring.

Terra Cotta Clay Oil Ring  $2.99 each.
A bottle of perfume oil or essential oil, and an aromatherapy light diffuser ring, makes a wonderful scentual gift!
To add items to your basket, click on the appropriate boxes and change the numbers to the number of oils you wish to order. Then, click on the shopping cart button!
Liquid Amber
Frankincense Oil
Lotus Oil
Sandalwood Oil
Brass Light Ring
Clay Light Ring
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