Note: If you are going to redeem several certificates in one order, please input the first certificate number. Add all your certificates together, and select the total amount of all the certificates that you plan to use. When you check out, you must include all the certificate numbers you are using, in the "special instructions" area of your checkout order form.

If your order total is more than the amount of the certificate, you will need to pay the additional amount. You can provide payment through our secure online ordering, or through postal mail. Have a question? email us!
Gift Certificate Redemption
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Redeem Grandpa's
Gift Certificates

So, you want to redeem that gift certificate you just received? It is really very easy and fun, too!
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Gift Certificates -The perfect gift solutions and a fun way to shop!
How To Use Gift Certificates From
Grandpa's General Store   
The Basics - FAQ

• I have a $75.00 Gift Certificate. Can I use $25.00 today, then shop on another day, to use the rest?
Please use the entire amount, at the time of your order. You will not receive credit for any unused portion of your gift certificate.

• How long is my gift certificat valid?
Your gift certificate is valid for one full year, from the date of the certificate.
This is usually plenty of time for you to find something at Grandpa's. Regretfully, we cannot not honor any  "expired" certificates.

• How do I use the certificate?
Your gift certificate has a certificate number in the body, just below the name.
Just enter the certificate number at the bottom of this page, select the amount of your credit, and then click "add to your shopping cart".

This will bring you to your shopping cart, and you will have no charges, except for the standard minimum shipping.

Don't Worry! You will not have to pay any shipping charges, unless the total of your order (including: merchandise,
shipping, insurance, & any sales tax) goes over the amount of your gift certificate.

As you shop, your order will show your certificate, as a discount, and the total will be reduced by the amount of the certificate.

Now, you are set to go shopping!
Click on continue shopping, and you will return here. Click on the next button, at the bottom of this page. This will take you to Stuff For Sale. 
Find items that you would like us to send you.
Place them in your shopping cart. Continue, until your order subtotal plus shipping have reached the limit of your Gift Certificate (if you wish to have the entire order paid for by your certificate), then check out.

Of course, you may order much more than the amount of your certificate, and just use your certificate, like a discount on your order. 

If you have any questions about gift certificates, gift certificate redemption, or shopping at our online store, please email us. We will get back to you just as soon as possible, sometimes within just a few minutes!

Enjoy Shopping!
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