Unique Gifts-Unique Gifts From Around The World! Unusual Gift boxes, trinket boxes, jewelry boxes, tooth fairy box, tarot boxes, and more.  Gifts from India, Unique and Unusual Gift ideas. Silver plated trinket box with domed lid encrusted with stones. Too cool, we think this is the coolest little gift box, perfect for small crystals, hidden treasures, or as tooth fairy boxes!
Grandpa's General Store- Unique Gifts, Occult Shop, and Metaphysical Supplies. The Cool Place To Shop online for unique and unusual gifts! Silver plated round domed trinket boxes with 5 stones. Unusual trinket box, Unique jewelry boxes, gift boxes for the unique friend. Silver plated jewelry box from India with stones on the lid. silver and stone tooth fairy boxes. We think these make a great tooth fairy box, with 2 compartments!
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Graphic Designę Dave Buckland 2001-2004
Used with permission
Unique Jewelry Boxes
Gift & Trinket Boxes

Round Silver Box With Stone Lid From India
Domed Silver Plated Trinket Box With Stones

We think these are the coolest little jewelry or trinket boxes you will find around! They come from India, and they have that wonderful "crafted by hand" look. They make great jewelry boxes, for earrings, rings, and small jewelry items.
We thought these would make very cool  and unusual Tooth Fairy boxes, because you could put the tooth in the top compartment and the money in the bottom. Like Magic!
Indian Trinket Boxes
Unique Gifts From India
Antique Look Metal & Stone Boxes From India

These unique little round trinket boxes measure just about 2" across, and about 2 3/4" high.  The top is domed with 5 stones, and lots of metal detail. The trinket boxes are tiered, that is, they have two levels and have 3 little feet on the bottom. The are brass with white metal / silver plating, and a dark stain over that. To me,they look as if they have been sitting around 100 years or so, and might just have some kind of mystical surprise inside!

Just under the dome, is a tiny compartment. It measures about 1 1/2" across, and about 3/4" deep. You can place tiny treasures, earrings, that sort of thing in there.

Move down an inch, and there is a SECOND compartment, not so
easily noticed, and a little larger. It measures about 1 1/2" across, and about 3/4" deep.

Both compartments are lined in deep blue/purple velvet.
The 5 stones encrusting the lid are real, and the box has a very hand made look. Due to the nature of how they are produced, each one will be different. Each box will have different stones, and the tops and bottoms, although fitting together nicely will not always be uniform in design. This gives the boxes the hand made and antique look, that is so appealing. These are great little jewelry boxes, for small items, like crystal keepers, pendulum boxes, tooth fairy boxes or ?

Even if you never kept anything in them, they are great eye candy! These little metal and stone boxes also make great gifts for people that love the unusual, unique, rustic, or nature.

BXSPST24   2 3/4" Silver Plated Trinket With 5 Stones   $14.95
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Silver Stone Trinket
Very rustic and antique looking silver trinket boxes, with domed lid and stones.
there are only 5 stones on our boxes.  Click here, for a larger image.  Other than the difference in the number of stones, the box design is identical to the photo.
This unusual and unique little silver box is encrusted with 5 stones, across the domed lid. There are actually 2 compartments in this little jewelry box! A great place to stash hidden treasures, locks of hair, baby teeth, and the like. We think these would be really unusual Tooth Fairy Boxes!
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