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Last updated September 6, 2004  
Don't know how to burn "dhoop"incense?  Read about how to burn incense, here! This will open a new window. You will need to close the window to return, here :)

Grandpa's Incense & Accessories Selection

Just click on an underlined word to take you to that incense, herb or oil page!
Looking for magical incense? Look for the * symbol next to any incense on this page!

*Herbs or Herbal Incense:
Herbs make wonderful incense! Herbs can also be used for magick spells, for crafts, and many other purposes. Our
herb supply is still growing. You can see our herb selection at Grandpa's Herbs and Herbal Incense!

Incense Accessories:

Burners -Incense Burners
We have an unique selection of incense burners for charcoal, cones, sticks, powders, smudge, etc. 
Grandpa's Incense Burners, Here!

Charcoal Blocks -
disks for burning incense
Some incense, like dried herbs,  may require a charcoal block or disk to burn.
See our incense charcoal, here!

Sand -
Incense Burner Sand
We have
many colors of incense burner sand! This can protect your incense burner from the heat of charcoal and cones, too. See our incense sand and color selection, here!


American Incense - Made In The USA

Grandpa's Cone Incense Made in the USA

*Grandpa's Gemstone Essence Incense Made in the USA
Grandpa's Gemstone Incense is located in Ritual Tools. Use your back button, to return here.

Grandpa's Stick Incense-Made in the USA

*Grandpa's Ritual Blends-Metaphysical Incense Sticks Made in the USA. Grandpa's Metaphysical Incense is located in Ritual Tools. Use your back button, to return here.

Cheap Incense Deals!

Grandpa's Variety Grab Bags A mysterious bag of unknown fragrances, from among Grandpa's Sticks. All this,  at a very good price! See Grandpa's Variety Grab Bags of incense, here!

Imported Incense
We have a variety of incense from all over the world!
Grandpa's Imported Incense, you will find:
Auromere Ayurvedic incense
Chandan dhoop,
Geet Govind,
Krishna Musk,
Laxmi dhoop,
Nag Champa,
Namaste incense cones,
Namaste assorted Gift Box,
Padmini dhoop incense,
Song of India dhoop incense,
Song of India Stick,
Song Of India Temple Incense
Valley Of The Roses incense sticks,
and more!

*Mini Stick Incense
Like those cute little mini incense sticks? Click here, to see our selection of 12 different fragrances of Mini Incense Sticks, each labeled with magical purpose.

Powdered Incense

*Grandpa's Gemstone Essence Incense Our Gemstone Essence Incense come in 7 varieties, each relating to a particular gemstone and chakra.

*Magical Blend Powdered Incense Every incense powder has it's own magical purpose!

*Zodiac Powdered Incense and Gift Set Harness the power of the stars with our astrological incense powders!

Resin Incense

Amber Resin -Another exotic fragrance from the himalaya's!
* Astral Sea Dragon's Blood Resin -A powerful ritual incense, but it smells great too!

*Grandpa's Resins
We have a variety of resin incense, includin dragon's blood incense. Each has it's own fragrance and magical purpose. See our selection of resin incense at Grandpa's Resins!

Resin Incense Kits
Yes, we have them. Get a great selection of resins, with all the accessories neccessary to burn them, too. All in one box! Our resin kits make ideal gifts for your favorit incense fanatic!

Grandpa's Standard Resin Incense Kit!
Grandpa's Abalone Resin Incense Kit!

Smudge - Native American Smudging Supplies
Smudge is a Native American style incense, used for cleansing, purification, & prayer.

Abalone Shell For Smudging

Baby Smudge Bundles

Colorful Turkey Feathers For Smudging

Herbal Scents Smudge Blends

Smudge Pots and Smudging Bowls

Sage Spirit Smudge Wands

Sweetgrass Braids

White Sage
Loose White Sage
White Sage Wands

Perfume Oils & Pure Essential Oils:

Some people will add oils to their incense, bath salts, or sachets. Some even burn pure essential oils, as incense.
We have a variety of oils for you to choose from!

Perfume Oils

Spiritual Sky Perfume Oil- Welcome back to the 1960's!

Song Of India Perfume Oil -Natural Exotic Fragrances, from a far off land! Copal perfume, at it's best!

Pure Essential Oils
We hope to have this section grow in the next year, so that we can bring you an even broader selection of pure essential oils!

Grandpa's Pure Essential Oils
These are pure essential oils. No carrier oils or dilution, here! All in a plain label to save you a little on fancy packaging! See our selection of Grandpa's Pure Essential Oils, here!
Grandpa's Incense, Herbs & Oils

At Grandpa's, you will find a wide variety of incense, herbs, oils, resins, and accessories. Everything you need, is here!

We have incense sticks and cones that are made in the USA,  and rich fragrant incense that is imported from far off exotic lands.

On the following pages you will find cone incense, sticks, dhoop incense, magical powders, Native American smudge wands and smudging tools, incense herbs & resins, perfume oils, and pure essential oils.

You will also find accessories, such as Swift-Lite charcoal, incense burners, censers, thuribles, incense burner sand and more!...
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At Grandpas, you will find a wide variety of incense, herbs, oils, resins, and accessories. Everything you need, is here!
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Featured Book

Learn how to make your own incense, from scratch, with Carl Neal's great book:
"Incense: Crafting & Use of Magickal Scents"

See this great incense book and othe
r craft books in our Metaphysical Book Section!
Learn how to make your own incense, from scratch with a book from our crafts selection! Our featured book about incense is Incense: Crafting and Use of Magickal Scents, by Carl Neal