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Sterling Silver Earrings
By Caravan

Below, you will find our current selection of earrings, from Caravan.  They are all made of Sterling Silver and Natural Gemstones. These earrings are made for pierced ears, and come with French hooks, some open and some locking. These are the kind of earrings that will appeal to the person that likes the hand made, one of a kind look. Each pair is unique, although they will be in the style, size, and stone, that is shown. The silver has a tarnished/antique appearance.  All of the earrings are shown on cards that measure about 2 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches tall. 

You may click on the photos, to see an enlarged version of the earring.  Mouse over a photo for a description. 

In any particular style, the individual stone color may vary slightly from one pair to another, but all will be of the same quality, appearance, and size.
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Unique Gifts From Around The World! We have a nice selection of rustic and hand made look, unique and unusual earrings, at very inexpensive prices.
Double Round Amethyst Drop Earrings on Closing French Hooks-Amethyst may vary in color from very pale to very deep purple.
Round Moonstone and Triangular Amethyst Drop Earrings on Closing French Hooks-Moonstone will be mostly milky white, with some opalescence, and may have some natural inclusions(lines or flecks). Amethyst may vary from very pale to very deep purple.
Round Peridot Cross Earrings on Closing French Hooks-Peridot will vary in color from bright lime green to an almost pale yellow.
Round Amethyst
Pierced Earrings
Amethyst And Moonstone  $18.95
Round Peridot
Cross Earrings

Out Of Stock
All the earrings, above,  have a closing French hook, with the gemstone setting mounted securely to closure on the hook, as shown in the drawing, above. Click on a photo to see more detail. Mouse over a photo for more information on the stones.

All the earrings, below, have an open French hook, with the gemstones hanging from a ring mounted to the gemstone setting, so they dangle from the hook, as shown in the drawing below.
Closing french hook-With this style of pierced earring, the french hook actually closes and locks. This type of earring will tend to be more secure and will hold them in place better.
Rectangular Cut Citrine Earrings on French Hooks-Citrine will vary in color from pale yellow to burnt orange.
Oval Garnet Drop Earrings on French Hooks-Deep red color, elegant! Garnet will vary from blood red to deep burgandy, almost black.
Square Amethyst Earrings on French Hooks-Amethyst color may vary from pale purple to deep purple.
Garnet Drop Earrings
Square Amethyst Drop Earrings
Rectangle Citrine Drop Earrings

Out Of Stock
Open French Hook-With this style of earring, the hook is open and the earrings dangle from the wire wrapped loop. Earrings of this type tend to shine more, as they are free to move and catch the light, as they do. The French hook is also known as the shepherds hook, or French post.
All of our earrings are Sterling Silver(.925) with 100% Natural Gemstones. They all come carded, with the name of the stones written on the back of the card.  If they are in stock, you order will normally ship in 2-4 days.  Our supply on hand is limited, and we will be bringing in new styles, after these sell. If you have any questions about availability or ?, feel free to email us!
Graphic Designę Webster's Fantasy 2001
Used with permission
Round Amethyst Drop
Moonstone & Amethyst Drop
Round Peridot Cross
Oval Garnet Drop
Square Amethyst Drop
Rectangular Citrine Drop
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