Novelty toys-Amazing live sea monkeys are guaranteed to live! Grandpa's General Store-Unique Gifts Occult & Metaphysical Supplies--Amazing Live Sea Monkeys! Kids Fun Stuff-Nostalgia Toys Instant Life-Aqua Pets! Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo-SeaMonkeys, Sea Monkey, Monkies, etc. For Sale. This classic Sea-Monkeys® Ocean Zoo kit comes with everything you need to raise your own adorable Aqua-Pets-Get your own Nostalgic fun. Sea Monkeys For Sale!
Kids Fun Stuff~Nostalgia Toys
Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo For Sale, Here!

For those of you, that know what they want,
you can order your Sea-Monkeys kit, right here!
Presently, we have The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys®
Ocean Zoo™ For Sale.
Raise adorable Instant Pets® with the
classic Sea-Monkeys kit that started it all!

• Sea-Monkeys come with a guarantee TO LIVE 2 FULL YEARS
• Each Sea Monkeys Aquarium comes with a vent tank cover,
magnifying portals (windows) and a sturdy molded base with seascape design
• Each sea monkeys tank is made of crystal-clear styrene with red or blue themes.

• Ocean Zooquarium with Aero-Vent Lid
• Water Purifier
• Instant Live Sea-Monkeys Eggs
• One Year Supply Of Sea-Monkeys Growth Food
• Sea Monkeys Growth Food Measuring Spoon
• Easy Sea Monkeys instructions, including a  manual of pet
Sea-Monkeys care, raising, training and  Sea Monkey breeding. 
• Sea-Monkeys Life Insurance Policy

Want to know more about the Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo before you buy?
Click Here, for pictures and a much more detailed description of the Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo!

Want to know more about the care and feeding of pet Sea Monkeys®?
Click Here!

Already sure you want the Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo?
B3555 Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo Kit
$8.95 each
Click Here, to learn more about the Sea-Monkeys Ocean Zoo Kit!
Graphic Design© Dave Buckland 2001
Used with permission
Sea-Monkeys®, Instant Life®, Instant Pets®, Ocean-Zoo®, Sea-Circus® and the official Sea-Monkey hatching logo are trademarks of the Transcience
Corporation and registered with U.S. and foreign patent offices -- all rights reserved. Sea-Monkeys are distributed by ExploraToy, a division of
Educational Insights.
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Sea Monkey Instant Pet Novelty toys-Sea-Monkeys-Buy Your Own Amazing Live Sea Monkeys! Seamonkeys Illustration is fanciful. Does not depict the actual Sea-Monkey, Artemia Nyos. Sea Monkeys For Sale, Here!
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