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Table Top Water Fountains

These are our current selection of table top water fountains and fountain kits, at  Grandpa's.  You make click on a fountain picture to go directly to that fountains page, or you can surf through all the table top water fountains, simply by clicking on the next button, at the bottom of this page!

Water fountains have held people spellbound for centuries, if not eons.  In Feng Shui, the water fountain enhances the flow of chi or energy. Placed in the proper area, water is said to enhance prosperity.   Have you ever noticed a small water fountain on the counter of a Chinese restaurant? Perhaps the red globe over the cash register.  These are items used in feng shui to enhance wealth. You could enact the same ideas of having water fountains be a part of your wealth area or bringing  fortune to your door. Need a table top water fountain?

Try our feng shui prosperity fountain kits (limited quantity). To see our fountain kits, click on the picture, below to the left!
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Grandpa's Table Top Water Fountains

Want a ready made table top water fountain? Here, you can see our Hotei Buddha Prosperity Fountain, our "Cherub Pouring Water" fountain, and our "serenity" fountain.

The Hotei Buddha indoor prosperity fountain is standing with symbols of wealth & prosperity. The fountain has a yellow calcite sphere that spins as the water fills the bowl, bringing cleansing and positive energy to your wealth sector

The cherub water fountain is rather impressive, for an indoor fountain. It has 3 tiers and the largest bowl is 16" in diameter!

The serenity fountain has a ball on the top, that rotates as the water trickles down the "rocks" bringing calm and serenity to the space.
Just click on a picture to take you to those water fountains!
Click here, to see the Cherub Table Top Fountain (Sorry, currently unavailable). Click here, to see the Serenity Fountain.

If fountains are in stock, they will usually ship in 2-4 days. If they are not in stock, please, allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery of fountains and fountain kits. Feel free to email us, for availability!

Need some glass pebbles to go with your fountain kit? 
Click here, to see our selection of glass rocks, or accent marbles for fountains. They look great in all our table top water fountains!
Prosperity Fountain Kits -Click To Go To Our  Fountain Kit! These prosperity water fountain kits look great on the tabletop, or countertop! Water fountain kits make great metaphysical gifts, too.
Standing Buddha Fountain-Feng Shui Prosperity Fountains-Standing Hotei Buddha Fountain
Cherub Angel Fountain - Click here, to see out unusual cherub fountain! Table Top Fountains
Serenity Fountain-Table Top Fountains-Click here, to see our serenity fountain!