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Looking for all-in-one occult or metaphysical gifts? You have come to the right place!
This page will have all kinds of complete gift sets, gift baskets,  and gift kits. Many of our gifts baskets and sets are of an occult or metaphysical nature.   We hope to have the majority of the gift baskets up online before mid to late October, just in time for holiday gift giving!
We hope you find some great gift giving ideas, here. Looking for something different? That was our original motto. "For something different, come to Grandpa's!  As always, feel free to
email us. We are pretty quick on the return!
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This kit contains all the basic components to get you started with Feng Shui. Each kit has the spectrum of Feng Shui "cures", needed for any household. It also includes a reading list, listing of Feng Shui schools or programs, and a brief overview of Feng Shui.
Resin Incense Kits~Incense Gift Baskets~Everything you need to start burning resin incense! Our resin incense gift basket is just the thing for the incense fanatic!
Ritual of joy gift set-Everything you need to perform your own ritual, to help bring more joy and happiness into your life.
Ritual of Tranquility Gift Sets-Everything you need to create your own ritual, to help bring more peace and tranquility into your life!
Jasmine Gift Baskets-Great Gifts for the aromatherapy fan, or the fan of the bathtub :)  Comes with soap, perfume oil, bath salts, fragrant candle and holder, and an aromatherapy light ring, all in an attractive reusable basket!
Zodiac Powdered Incense Gift Set!
Namaste Cone Incense Gift Set!