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Guatemalan Worry Dolls
Guatemalan Toys Trouble Dolls
Gifts From Central America

Worry dolls are not South American Toys. Although many people think differently, Guatemala is actually in Central America, not South America.

A rather metaphysical Central American childrens toy, rumor has it that Worry Dolls (or trouble dolls) are still used today, by the children of Guatemala.  I know they are still in use here, in western Wisconsin:)

The story goes, if you have a problem, you tell it to your worry doll, right before you go to bed.  You can only tell one worry to each doll, per night. Then, after you have told your worry doll the problem, you ask them to please help you, and place the worry doll(s) under your pillow, and go to bed. 

During the night, the worry dolls go to work, to help find solutions to your troubles.  You do this each night to help find solutions to problems and get better nights sleep. Some people do not sleep with the dolls under the pillow and find it works just fine. Your choice.

If you have more troubles, than dolls, better get more dolls.  We had one lady who bought a worry doll headband, just because it had about 50 worry dolls glued to it.  She must have had a lot of worries! For most of us, one set is enough...
Carded Worry Dolls               Worry Dolls In A Box
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Hippy Gifts & Fun Kid's Stuff
Guatemalan Worry Dolls
Toys From Guatemala, In Central America

Also known as trouble dolls and worry people, the worry dolls make unique and unusual gifts for children. Kids of all ages, love these!

They are much more than mere occult or metaphysical "toys". They really seem to have some mystical power, to help you with your worries and troubles. I have had more adults buy these for themselves, than for children :)
Our worry dolls come in 2 styles.

Worry Dolls In A Box

This set of 6 worry dolls comes in a little decorated wooden box. There are 6 little dolls, a box to store them in, and basic information on how to use the worry dolls. Each worry doll is just about an inch tall, and has a face painted on and many have "hair". The box is for storage of your worry dolls, when you are worry free. :)

Carded Worry Dolls

The other style of worry dolls comes on a 4 1/2" X 6" card. They are identical to the first set, only the basic story of how to use the worry dolls, is printed right on the card. Just as the other set, each card has 6 worry dolls and a little wooden box to keep them in.  Each worry doll is just about an inch tall, and has a face painted on and many have "hair".  The little wooden box will hold all 6 worry dolls, comfortably. This is a great place to store your worry dolls when you are trouble free!

BWDP-Set of 6 Worry Dolls-Carded   $2.99 Each
BWDBX-Set of 6 Worry Dolls-In a box. $1.99 Each

Choking Hazard-Not intended for children under 6 years old.
Hippy Gifts and Metaphysical Toys- Unique Gifts From Around The World! Hippy Fun From Guatamala. Guatamalan Worry Dolls Are More Than Mere Toys, But Rumor Has It That Kids In Guatamala Still Use These. Guatemalan Worry Dolls take your trouble away!
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Carded Worry Dolls
Boxed Worry Dolls
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Hippy Gifts - Guatamalan Worry Dolls-These make fine stocking stuffers, little metaphysical gifts, even a little something to add onto a gift package or basket.  Not just metaphysical toys, I have sold plenty to adults who worry too much! South American Gifts-Central American Gift Ideas!
Guatemalan Trouble Dolls-This set of 6 worry dolls comes in a little decorated wooden box. There are 6 little dolls, a box to store them in, and basic information on how to use the worry dolls. Great Hippy Gifts!
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