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Man In The Moon Oil Diffuser

This is our man in the moon oil diffuser. This guy is really cool! He is an aromatherapy oil diffuser, with a moon motif.

You place a little water in the bowl on the top, then add a couple of drops of perfume oil, essential oil, or potpourri oil, and light a tea light under the oil. The tea light heats the oil, and the fragrance is released into the air, very much like incense, without all the smoke.

The man in the moon aroma lamp, is made of brass that has a black mat finish, with accents of gold. It is about 4 1/2" tall, and comes with a glass bowl to hold the oils, and a holder for the tea light.  The tea light, itself is not included, but may be
purchased, here.

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Man In The Moon Oil Diffuser
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Aromatherapy has been in use for thousands of years. It is generally acknowledged that aromatherapy began in ancient Egypt, although some authors claim that the aboriginal people of Australia were using plant oils over 40,000 years ago for medicinal purposes.

Aroma lamp, oil diffuser, fragrance diffuser, potpourri warmer, oil warmer, or oil burner.  These are all names used to describe the same item.
The oil diffusers I am speaking of here, all use a flame to heat the fragrance oil. Some people use the oils to bring health and well being, others just enjoy the scent and the mood altering effects it provides.   
Moon Diffuser
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