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Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo For Sale, Here! 

The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys®
Ocean Zoo™ For Sale, Here!
Raise adorable Instant Pets® with the
classic Sea-Monkeys kit that started it all!

During 1960, when John F. Kennedy was
36th President elect, moviegoers were
avoiding showers after the release of
Psycho, and teens were shaking their hips
to a new dance craze called "The Twist,"
the phenomenon known as The Amazing
Live Sea-Monkeys® spread like wildfire!
Now, 40 years and some two billion
Sea-Monkeys® later, kids and adults
alike can't get enough of these unique
instant pets.

This classic Sea-Monkeys® Ocean Zoo kit comes with everything you need to raise your own adorable Aqua-Pets--a true American Legend! Sea-Monkeys are GUARANTEED TO LIVE TWO YEARS! The Sea-Monkey aquarium is equipped with a ventilated lid, built-in magnifiers and a molded bottom sea-scape and comes with a 32-page illustrated instruction booklet, feeding spoon and three packets: #1 Water Purifier, #2 Instant Live Eggs, and Growth Food. The crystal clear styrene sea monkeys tank has either red or blue accents,
and all contents come shrink-wrapped inside the tank.

• Each Sea Monkeys Aquarium comes with Aero-Vent Tank Cover, built-in Magnifying Portals and a sturdy, molded seascape base
• Each sea monkeys tank is constructed of crystal-clear
styrene with red or blue themes

• Time-Tested Ocean Zooquarium with Aero-Vent Lid
• Water Purifier
• Instant Live Sea-Monkey Eggs
• A One Year Supply Of Sea-Monkeys Growth Food
• Calibrated Sea Monkeys Growth Food Measuring Spoon
• Easy-to-follow Sea Monkeys instructions, including a magnificent, fully illustrated manual of Sea-Monkey care, raising, training and breeding. 
• Sea-Monkeys Life Insurance Policy

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Can't say it enough, but you need to follow the instructions that come with your Sea-Monkeys. If it says 24 hours, it does not mean 12...

My Sea Monkeys Didn't Hatch!

At birth, the Sea-Monkeys are very tiny, no larger than the "period " at the end of this sentence. That is why it’s possible to "overlook" them when they are first born. Since the Sea Monkeys fate is in your hands, do not discard the formula if you don’t see them right away. To do so would be like "throwing the baby out with the bath water."
My suggestion is to wait, at least 3 days. Since baby sea monkeys are so small, be sure to look in a very well lit environment. If you are sure your baby sea monkeys did not hatch, simply follow the instructions in the manual, and they will happily replace your sea monkeys!

I lost the Sea-Monkey instructions, how do I get started?

Fill your sea monkeys tank with distilled or filtered water. Add theWater Purifier package to your sea monkeys tank. Stir for 60 seconds. Wait 24 hours then add Instant Life. Stir for 60 seconds.

After 5 days, add 1 SMALL scoop of sea monkeys Growth Food from the SMALL end of the feeding spoon. Continue to feed once a week with the small end of your feeding spoon. If the water clouds, you are over feeding your sea monkeys.

My Sea-Monkeys look different than the ones on the package.

The sea monkeys illustrations on the package are meant to communicate the fun of the Sea-Monkey environment and are not the actual size or shape found in nature.

What ARE Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys?

Sea-Monkeys are a hybrid species of brine shrimp called "Artemia NYOS". "Artemia" is the genus sea monkeys belong to, which includes Fairy and Brine shrimp. NYOS is the acronym for the New York Ocean Science Laboratories where Sea-Monkeys were created.

What is Sea-Monkey Training?

In the instruction booklet that comes with your new Sea-Monkeys Ocean Zoo, there is information on how to "train" your pet Sea-Monkeys.
They are very sensitive to light and you can do some amazing things with sea monkeys, by turning off the lights and using a flash light near the Sea-Monkey's tank.

Water Evaporation And Your Sea Monkeys:

As the water slowly evaporates in your Sea-Monkey tank, the salt content remains behind and the water becomes more salt concentrated. Sea-Monkeys adapt well to the gradual process of their water world becoming more salty as the water level drops.

However, replenishing the water can be a shock to their system as the salt concentration quickly changes when fresh water is added back to the sea monkeys tank. The more water that has evaporated from the tank, the greater the shock to their system when the water is replaced. For this reason, it is recommended to replenish the evaporated water when the level has dropped by one or two inches in your tank. Never "change" your sea monkeys water, only add to it, as needed.
When replenishing water, it is recommended you use room temperature distilled water or boiled tap water that has been left to cool for 24 hours or until it has reached room temperature.

About Algae And Your Sea Monkeys

Bluish-green algae are normal and your sea-monkeys will love eating the algae.  There is no need to clean the tank. Indirect sunlight will help to grow more algae and your sea monkeys will love it! Just be sure to keep the tank out of "direct sunlight" as the tank can become overheated and your sea-monkeys may die if they get too hot.

About Oxygen For Your Amazing Sea Monkeys

Just like you, Sea-Monkeys need air to breathe. The first couple of weeks in a Sea-Monkeys life are very important, and they require lots of oxygen, so it is important to make sure your sea monkeys tank water has enough air.  If your Sea-Monkeys seem sluggish, get them some oxygen!

You can do this by blowing air through a straw into the water for 2 minutes everyday, or by pouring the tank water into another CLEAN container, and back, again, several times. Don't worry, you won't harm your sea monkeys (they will enjoy it), but it is important that the other container is clean and has no soap or chemical residue. There is also a tank "Million Bubble Air Pump" available. You can purchase one through the sea monkey instruction booklet, included with your tank.

My Sea-Monkeys Tank Is Dirty!

If your water is cloudy, you are probably feeding your sea monkeys too much.
Slow down on the feedings until the tank clears up. Still feed your sea monkeys, but not as much, or as often, until the water clears.If there is an accumulation at the bottom of the tank, this is natural and you do not need to do anything to it, unless there is an ACTUAL sea monkey body, then you need to carefully remove the remains. Sea-Monkeys will shed their shells many times, and those are fine to remain at the bottom of the tank, as it is part of their eco-system.

I have a problem with the Sea-Monkeys tank, I have lost my food, all my seamonkeys died, etc... who do I contact?
Contact Sea-Monkeys Inc. at 800-995-9290 or email

PLEASE DO NOT email us with questions about the seamonkeys. All the information we have is already here for you. If you have questions that are not answered here, there are many sites that are devoted to Sea Monkeys.

Need still MORE information about sea monkeys? Visit some
of the many amazing
Sea-Monkey sites on the web!

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Novelty toys-Sea-Monkeys, Nostalgic Fun For Sale! Amazing Live Sea Monkeys! This classic Sea-Monkeys® Ocean Zoo kit comes with everything you need to raise your own adorable Aqua-Pets--a true American Legend! Sea Monkeys for sale, here! Amazing live sea monkeys are guaranteed to live!
Novelty toys-Sea-Monkeys-Buy Your Own Amazing Live Sea Monkeys! Seamonkeys Illustration is fanciful. Does not depict the actual Sea-Monkey, Artemia Nyos. Sea Monkeys For Sale, Here!
Ocean Zoo
Sea Monkeys®Ocean Zoo™
Sea Monkeys kits For Sale! 

Sea Monkeys Zooquarium  measures
4 1/2" long x 2 3/4" wide x 5 1/2"
Tall, including the base.

B3555 Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo Kit
$8.95 each
Last Modified September 8, 2004 
Novelty toys- Sea Monkeys Incredible Pets-Nostalgic Fun For Sale! Amazing Live Sea Monkeys kit! This classic Sea-Monkeys® Ocean Zoo kit comes with everything you need to raise your own adorable Aqua-Pets--Sea-Monkeys, a true American Legend, and cool too! Amazing live sea monkeys are guaranteed to live!