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This area has been closed to shopping, since 2007. It is left online for the people looking for information about the items or how to use them. Many of the pages go all the way back to 2004, or earlier... Please, don't expect them to be too mobile friendly ;) The main pages have been updated to be adjustable for your screen size. Their content/text is the same as it always was. Spirituality has changed aa lot in the last 15 years, so take what you resonate to and leave all the rest. Ok? wink smilie

Scented Candles, Uncented Candles
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Tapers, Pillars, & Votives

Whether you want a festive party, a quiet romantic evening, or just a relaxing bath, candles can help to create the perfect mood.

Candles are great for prayer, meditation, and magic. We have candles in many colors, just right for your spiritual needs.

Candles also make wonderful gifts and can be just the thing for that "difficult to buy for" person. Grandpa's has candles made by Mole Hollow Candle of New England, as well as Mini Candles, Tiki Candles, and more!

We offer Taper, Pillar, Votive Candles and Tealights, as well as candle holders and snuffs for all of the above. We even have Color Drip(hippy) Candles, the kind used to give chianti bottles the look of a well used candle holder, in a single day.

You may peruse our ever growing selection of candles and accessories by cliking on any link, below.