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All Purpose Cotton Magic Spell Bags

These small cotton pouches have a draw string closure and are also excellent for keeping small articles like eyedroppers or stones all in one place.  We offer 5 different spell bags, or pouches (on this page). To see all our bags, visit here!

Small Flannel Red Bag-1 1/2" x 3"          $1.49 each
Small Cotton Green Bag- 1 1/2" x  3"      $1.49 each
Small Cotton Black Bag- 2" x 4"             $1.49 each
Small Cotton Mill Cloth Bag-Natural   3" x 5"        99¢ each
Medium Cotton Mill Cloth Bag-Natural  4" x 6"  $1.49 each

The Natural Bags are also great for herbal baths, dream pillows, and sachets!

To add these bags to your cart, just click on the number box, change the "0" to the number of bags you wish, and press "add to your shopping cart".
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Last Updated April 12, 2004        
Cloth Spell Bags
Small Flannel & Cotton Pouches

Many spells call for a special colored bag to put ingredients into, when working the spell.  We have green, black, red, and natural. 

Green is commonly used for money spells. Green stimulates growth, symbolizes abundance, money, healing, fertility, good luck and harmony. Green is often used for emotional healing.

Black has been used for removing the unwanted, negativity, protection, and letting go.  It all depends on what you are working on and what works for you. Black is a receptacle for all that you do not need or want.

Red attracts and magnetizes. Red is symbolic of love, lust, health, anger, & courage. Red stimulates and energizes.

The natural may be dyed any color to suit your particular need, may be used to hold herbs for sleep pillows, sachets, or for herbal or ritual baths.
Red Bag
Green Bag
Black Bag
Small Natural Bag
Medium Natural Bag
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Cotton Spell Bags For Wicca, crafts, charm bags, mojo bag. These are cotton bags, just perfect for all your spellcrafting needs!
100 percent cotton mill cloth bags are perfect for herbal baths, sachets, and more! Mill Cloth makes a great catnip bag, too! Fill these with your favorite bath herbs and place in your tub! Fill with lavender, chamomile, or jasmine and put under your pillow for a restful nights sleep.