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Pagan Altar Cloths And Tapestry Cloth

Historically, altar cloths have been used in ritual for protection of the sacred space. The altar is a very important part of Pagan ritual.  The ritual altar is most often the focal point, the place to make offerings and do honor to the God and/or Goddess, as well as a place to gather ones tools and to practice magick. The altar may be ANY flat surface, either specially designed for that pupose or not.
The altar cloths are also used as decoration, as a mood enhancer for workings, and to keep the ritual items unaffected by energies left over from the altars daily use as say, a coffee table.  Many Pagan altars have served dual purposes and the altar cloth helps to keep the items on the alter free of these other energies.
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Grandpa's offers wonderful, excellent quality silk altar cloths.  Our altar cloths are made of a delicate white silk Habotai or China Silk, known the world over for its natural, glossy luster.  The altar cloth has a smooth, even weave, making it an excellent medium for ornamental or ritual painting.  These cloths are also great as scarves, for keeping Tarot decks, or for Rune casting.  The altar cloths are available in 3 sizes:
RA22     22" x 22" White Silk Altar Cloth       $5.95
RA35     35" x 35" White Silk Altar Cloth       $9.95
RA45     45" x 45" White Silk Altar Cloth     $14.95
22 inch Altar Cloth
35inch Altar Cloth
45inch Altar Cloth
Pagan Ritual Altar Cloths -Grandpa's offers wonderful, excellent quality ritual Altar cloths.  Our altar cloths are made of a delicate white silk Habotai or China Silk, known the world over for its natural, glossy luster. These silk altar cloths  may be used as is, or hand painted or decorated with your own designs.
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