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For All Your Spellcrafting Needs

Grandpa's has a large selection of witchcraft supplies, spellcraft tools & supplies, and many other metaphysical tools and occult supplies, for all your magickal & ritual needs.

If you are hands on about exploring spellcraft ritual, magick, witchcraft, wicca, ceremonial magic, etc., or are a practicing magician, you will  most likely need some spellcrafting tools and supplies. On these pages you will find many of the spellcraft tools needed for working magic, or creating your own magick spells:

Bags-Plain & Colored Cloth-Spellcraft bags, charm bags, mojo bags, bags for herbal baths, crystal bags, magick spell bags, and more...

Bags-Tarot Bags-Please click on Psychic, to your left to see our selection of Large Crystal or Tarot Bags!

Blank Book of Shadows
Perfect for spellcraft! Just the thing to write down your private thoughts, personal or coven rituals, magic spells, etc..

Boxes-Magic Boxes-wooden boxes-please, click on psychic, to your left to see our selection of boxes for keeping Tarot decks, magick oils, ritual incense, etc.!

Candles-Magic Spell Candles
-These little candles
are just perfect for spellcraft!

Candles-Plain Colored

Candles-Fragrant Votives
-Sometimes a colored votive makes everything that much simpler, when it comes to spellcraft!

Crystal Balls
-Please, click on Psychic, to your left, to see our leaded crystal balls, and rock quartz crystal spheres.

Herbs- Magick Herbs for your spellcraft supply
-Grandpa's has a large selection of magick herbs, resins & resin incense for all your spellcrafting needs! We also have a list of metaphysical & magickal purposes and associations!   

Incense-Ritual, Magickal & Metaphysical Incense
-don't have time to make your own magick incense? We have magical incense for most every positive ritual purpose!

Ink-Dragon's Blood and Dove's Blood ink-add power to your magic spells. Use magical inks instead of that ball point pen. A must for your spellcraft supply!

Mortar and Pestle Sets-
a primary spellcraft tool! Great grinding tools for magic herbs, making metaphysical incense, grinding resins, occult ointments, etc.. must have!

Oils-Perfume and Pure Essential Oils
-Grandpa's has a selection of perfume oils and of pure essential oils, just
right for all your magickal, spellcraft, & witchcraft needs. 
We can also special order any pure essential oils,
just ask!

Ouija Type Things-Please click on Psychic, to your left to see our Psychic Talking Boards, and Ouija Games! Just the thing for animal spirits, ESP,  and spiritual contact.

Pens-Feather Quill Pens
-Use these quill feather pens with the dragon's blood ink or Dove's Blood ink, instead of a ball point pen, to add more power to your magic spells, petitions, or just use this pen to write in your own personal book of shadows!

Parchment Paper-Ivory Parchment paper for writing petitions, talismans, witchcraft, and spellcasting purposes.

Ritual Tools-Altar Cloths & Altar Tiles, Bells, Pentacles & Pentagrams, Chalices, Cauldrons, Thuribles, Athames, etc..

Spell Kits-
More Spell Kits-You don't NEED "ritual magic spell kits" to do magic, but ritual kits can be fun and helpful, especially for somebody who is just beginning to explore the world of magick and spellcraft.

Stones-Colored-all kinds of crystals for adding magickal power or metaphysical  energy to magick charm bags, adding power to incense, ritual baths, etc..A great addition to your spellcraft supply. NEW! Just added loose stones on the second stone page. Click here, to see the loose stones!

Tarot Cards-Please, click on Tarot, on the menu to your left, to see our selection of Tarot Cards & Decks. Learn to follow your inner guides, and make better decisions with Tarot!

If you are looking for spellcraft information, check out our
Online Book Of Shadows in Learn Stuff, or check out some of our links!

If we don't have your spellcraft items here, please
e-mail us.  There is much available, but not up on our site, yet. We are always happy to send you prices and pictures, if we have it!
If we don't have it, we are happy to tell you where to find it, if we know!!
Spellcraft supplies for sale-Ritual Tools And Supplies- Spellcraft supplies to buy-spellcraft For Modern Pagans, Wiccans, Magicians, And Seekers, Alike! We have spellcrafting tools and supplies, magickal supplies, blank book of shadows, charm bags, incense making supplies, crystals and stone, parchment paper, dragon's blood ink, dove's blood ink, and more!
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Witchcraft Supplies -We have mortar and pestle sets for grinding magic herbs, making metaphysical incense, making occult ointments, or just for cooking, or kitchen witchery! A must for Spellcraft Supplies!
Spellcraft-We have boxes and chests for all your witchcraft spellcrafting needs! This is the antique pentacle chest.  It is just the coolest magickal box we have seen in a while.
spellcraftins supplies for pagans, witches, magicians, sorcerers, druids, shaman, medicine man. all the tools you need for witchcraft, wicca, magic, spellcasting, and more.
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If you are hands on about exploring ritual, witchcraft, wicca, magic,spellcraft, magick, etc., or are a practicing magician, you will  most likely need some spellcrafting tools and supplies. On these pages you will find many of the spellcraft tools needed for working magic, or creating your own magick spells.