Incense burners for sale. We have a wide variety of incense burners, including burners for charcoal, cones, dhoop incense, stick, smudge pots, resin incense burners, and more!
Grandpa's General Store-Unique Gifts, Occult & Metaphysical Supplies-The place to buy incense and accessories like incense burners, charcoal blocks, and colorful incense sand! We have a large selection of incense burners for sale.
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Last updated March 11, 2004  
Incense Burners & Ashcatchers
Grandpa's has a wide variety of incense burners. We have incense burners for charcoal, cones, sticks, resins, powders, herbs, & dhoop incense. We even have hanging & pedestal incense burners (also known as thuribles or censers).

These make fine gifts for the hippy, or meditator in the family, too.  You will also find links to accessories, such as incense charcoal,  and burner sand, for a more complete gift.

We have divided the incense burners into types. Just click on any underlined word to take you to that style incense burner!
Combination incense burners will burn a variety of incense. Look for the ** symbol next to the name, to identify incense burners that burn more than one type of incense!  
Cone Incense Burners **
Cone Ash Catchers

All of these styles can burn cones, soft Dhoop, and mini stick incense.
Some burners are located in different areas of the store. Use your browsers back button, to return here.
From left,
to right: Lacquer & Mirror incense burners, Man In The Moon Cone Burner, Soapstone Lotus Ash Catcher, Wolf Spirit Totem BurnerCeramic Bear Spirit Incense Burner, & Brass Cone Burner.
Don't know how to burn incense?
Read about how to burn incense, here!

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Stick Incense Burners
Sleds, Boats, And Stick Incense Ash Catchers

These are all incense burner sleds, or boats. They are of various materials, but all burn stick incense.
From left, to
right: Shesham Wood Boat Incense Burners, Tibetan Dragon Incense Burner, Gnome & Unicorn Incense Burner, Glass Sled Incense Burners, Rustic Wood Pentagram Ash Catcher.
Charcoal  Incense Burners**
Charcoal Ash Catchers

All of these incense burners are suitable for burning herbs & resins over charcoal. They can also be used for cones, dhoop, powders, smudge, sticks, etc.
To view the incense burners, click on an underlined word, or picture.
Some burners are located in different areas of the store. Use your browsers back button, to return here.

From left t
o right: Soapsone bowl incense burner, brass hanging thurible censer, brass hanging pedestal censers, brass pedestal thurible, abalone shell smudge bowl and incense burners, brass cauldrons, cast iron cauldrons, red terra cotta bowl smudge pot and incense burners, wood handled pedestal thuribles, and 4 inch brass charcoal burners.
Rustic wood pentagram incense holder, for sticks.
We have various styles of incense burners in the shesham wood boat style.
Opalescent glass pentagram incense holder for sticks.
White metal Tibetan Dragon ash catcher for stick incense..
Brazilian wood, clay, and stone incense holders. We have Unicorn and Gnome incense holders.
Small brass incense burner, from India. This little brass holder will burn cones or sticks.
Bear Spirit incense holder. This will burn cone or mini stick incense.
Wolf Spirit Totem Incense Burner. This will burn cones or mini sticks.
Small lacquer and mirror incense holders for cones and sticks.
Ceramic Man in the Moon cone incense burner. It holds cones or mini sticks.
Soapstone lotus incense holder. This burner holds cones or sticks.
Hanging Censers-These Incense Burners hang from chains, so that they may be carried!
Unique Bowls - Soapstone Incense Burners, From India!
Wood Handled Brass Thurible Incense Burners
Pedestal Thurible Incense Burners Made From Brass, Imported From India.
Abalone Shell Incense Burners
Red Terra Cotta Cauldron Incense Burner
Hanging Pedestal Incense Burner, made of brass.
Cast Iron Cauldron Incense Burners
Brass Cauldron Incense Burners
Brass Incense Burners