Ritual tools and supplies for the Wiccan, Pagan, Magician, and Mystic. Our magick herbs are mostly either wildcrafted or organically grown, whenever possible. Grandpa's magic herbs are great for making your own incense.
Natural Dried Herbs-Grandpas General Store-The cool place to shop for magickal herbs, magical powders, spellcraft supplies, & herbal incense.  Magick herbs make great incense, herb sachets, herbal bath supplies, and additions to charms, amulet bags and mojo bags.
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Last Updated September 8, 2004       
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To add an herb to your basket, click on the box and enter the quantity that you wish, for each herb. Then, when you have chosen all the herbs you wish, click on the "add to your shopping cart button".

Metaphysical Herbs Available:
Asafoetida $6.99
Barberries $2.99
Camphor $3.99
Catnip $2.29
Chamomile $2.95
Dragons Blood $3.99
Galangal $2.25
Hyssop Herb $2.50
Jasmine Flowers $2.79
Juniper Berries $2.50
Kava Kava $2.49
Lavender $4.00
Lemon Grass $1.00
Lemon Verbena $3.00
Mandrake Root $2.40
Nettle Leaf $1.75
White Oak Bark $1.99
Orris Root $3.20
Patchouly $2.40
Raspberry Leaf $2.00
Rosemary $1.45
Rubbed Sage $1.00
Salt Peter $1.00
Red Sandalwood $2.49
Sandalwood Powder $3.29
4oz. Sea Salt $1.79
8oz. Sea Salt $2.95
Sulphur $1.25
Thyme $2.99
Vetivert Root $2.99
Wild Cherry Bark $1.99
Wormwood $2.99
Yerba Mate $2.79
Yerba Santa $2.99
Yohimbe Bark $3.99
Grandpa's Herbs & Herbal Incense

Many of Grandpa's Herbs make wonderful incense, and are very useful in magic and ritual. If you need a particular dried herb to make a magic tincture, tonic or tea, we might just have what you need.

As herbal incense, many of our dried herbs may be burned "as is", over charcoal tablets.  They can also be used in herbal incense blends, herbal baths, making herbal sachets, charms or sleep pillows, or ingredients for making your own potpourri or other crafts.

In magic, they can be useful for making poppets, creating your own  tinctures, charms or mojo bags, ritual baths, spellcraft supplies, or for making your own magick powders or ritual incense blends. 

We do our best to bring you fresh dried herbs that are wildcrafted or organically grown. We always try to provide the freshest dried herbs available to us.  Below, you will find a selection of dried herbs and resins, currently available.  Keep checking back for new magic herbs.
Grandpa's Metaphysical Herbs

All bag sizes are approximate.
We strive to provide you with organic or wildcrafted herbs, where possible. Grandpa's herbs are
all natural and have not been sprayed or irradiated.
However, Grandpa's herbs are only sold to make herbal crafts and incense. We are not herbal practitioners and do not sell our herbs for medicinal purposes.

Asafoetida, Vandevi compounded (blend)-50gm Tin -Asafoetida, tumeric, gum arabic, wheat and  rice flour. Mars, Fire, purification, exorcism, protection, very powerful, but Smells Aweful to some! Also, used in Indian cooking, currys, etc.      
HASA050  50gm/ 1.79 oz.  tin   $6.99 

Barberries, whole-Mars, cleansing, sleep, sorcery, witch's sweets, frees one from the  power and control of another.
HBARB2  2oz. bag  $2.99

Brimstone-see Sulphur

Camphor Powder-Real Camphor, NOT synthetic. Moon, water, purity, dreams, psychic awareness, & divination.    
HCAM1 1oz. bag  $3.99

Catnip Leaf, cut/sift-Venus, Water, Bast, cat magic, happiness, love, & beauty.
HCATN1  1 oz. bag $2.29

Chamomile Flowers, whole-Sun, Leo, sleep, meditation, calming, love, luck in gambling, protection, & removing hexes. HCHAM2  2oz. bag $2.95     

Cherry-See Wild Cherry Bark

Dragon's Blood Resin, cut/sift-Actually a resin, but many people look for it, here...Mars, fire, Love, protection, magic power booster for spells & incense, & potency.
HDGB1 1 oz. bag  $3.99

Looking for other resins, like Benzoin, Celtic Blend, Frankincense, Myrrh, etc? You can find all these and more at Grandpa's Resins!

Galangal Root, cut- Mars, Fire, masculine, protection, lust, health, money. Also known as Lo John.
HGAL2    2oz bag  $2.25

Hyssop Herb, c/s-Jupiter, Fire, spiritual assistance, puification, cleansing, protection, & healing.
HHYSS2   2oz. bag  $2.50

Jasmine Flowers-Jupiter, Moon, Cancer, Water, love, dreams, money, & sleep.
HJAS1   1oz. bag $2.79

Juniper Berries, whole-Sun, Fire, masculine, protection, anti-theft, love, & exorcism.
HJPB2   2oz. bag  $2.50

Kava Kava Root, powdered-Still used by the islanders of the South Pacific in the Kava Ceremony. Saturn, water, visions, protection, luck.
HKAVK1  1oz. bag  $2.49

Lavender, French Select-Mercury, Air, masculine, love, protection, sleep, peace, purify, & happiness.  
HLAV2   2oz. bag  $4.00

Lemon Grass-Mercury, Air, masculine, repel snakes, lust, psychic powers.
HLG1    1oz. bag  $1.00

Lemon Verbena Leaf, cut-Mercury, Air, masculine, purify, love, & increases spell strength.
HLVB1 1oz. bag  $3.00

Mandrake Root, Cut-poison, Extremely Toxic, Mercury, masculine, fire, protection, love, money, fertility, health, image magic.
HMAND1 1oz. bag $2.40

Nettle Leaf, Cut/Sift- Women's Tonic, longtime used as a tea in pregnancy and for infertility. No information on the package. Check with your healthcare practitioner for instructions.
HNETT1  1oz. bag $1.75

Oak Bark, White, powdered-Sun, Fire, protection, health, money, potency, fertility, & luck. 
HOAKW1  2oz. bag  $1.99

Orris Root, powdered-Venus,Water, feminine, love, protection, divination. 
HOR1  1oz. bag  $3.20

Patchouly Leaf, cut-Saturn/Pluto, feminine, Earth, lust, prosperity, fertility, &  love.
HPATCH1  1oz. bag  $2.40

Raspberry Leaf, cut/sift-Women's Tonic, long used during pregnancy and for infertility. Strengthen & tones the womb. No information on package. Check with your healthcare provider, for instructions.
HRAS1 1oz. bag $2.00

Rosemary Leaf, whole-Sun, Fire, masculine, protection, love, exorcism, sleep, healing, & youth.   
HRL2  2oz. bag  $1.45  

Rue Herb, powdered-Avoid While Pregnant-Mars, Fire, healing, exorcism,  love, protection, & hex breaking.  
HRUE2   2oz.  bag  $2.99  
    Temporarily Unavailable.

Sage, rubbed-Jupiter, Air, masculine, longevity, protection, wishes, money.
HSGR1 1oz. bag  $1.00

Sage, White-White Sage is listed in Smudging Supplies.

Salt Petre or Salt Peter-for women who do not want their partners to have outside sexual relations, stops sexual tension. Mostly used as burning agent for incense, herbs, etc. Do Not Ingest. (We do not have specific instructions for its use.)
HSPT1  1oz. bag  $1.00

Sandalwood Chips, Red-Moon, water, astral projection, exorcism, healing, protection, purification, spirituality.
HSANR   1oz. bag $2.49

Sandalwood Powdered-Moon, water, astral projection, exorcism, healing, protection, purification, spirituality.
HSANP1  1oz. bag $3.29

Sea Salt, Course Ground- Salt is commonly used for cleansing crystals, purification, and protection. No metaphysical information is provided on the package.   
HSSALT4  4oz bag $1.79

Sulphur, Powder-Actually a mineral, caution-smells like rotten eggs, used in exorcism and protection incense.
HSUL2  2oz. bag $1.25

Tonka Beans, whole-poison, Venus, Water, feminine, love, courage, wishes, & money.      
HTB1  1oz. bag  $3.75 Temporarily Unavailable

Thyme Leaf, ground-Venus, Water, healing, psychic powers, courage, sleep, love, & purification.
HTHYM2   2oz. bag $2.99

Vetiver Root, powdered-Venus, Earth, love, hex breaking, attraction.
HVETV2 2 oz. bag  $2.99

Wild Cherry Bark, cut/sift-Sun, Air, removing obstacles, favors, frugality, & invisibility. Great on the BBQ, Too!
HWCHER2   2oz. bag $1.99

Wormwood, cut/sift-poison, Mars, Fire, psychic powers, love, protection, & calling spirits.
HWORM2     2oz. bag  $2.99

Yerba Mate Leaf, cut/sift-fidelity, hexing, lust, love. Said to keep a lover from wandering, if you put 2 tablepoons into their food once a day (Check with your healthcare provider).
HYMATE2  2oz. bag $2.79

Yerba Santa Leaf, cut/sift-Psychic power, healing, beauty, & protection.
HYSANT1   1oz. bag $2.99

Yohimbe Bark, Powder-toxic- Love & Lust spells. Also, a popular ingredient in those "enlarger products" you get emails about...  See your healthcare provider for instructions.  
HYOHIM1   1oz. bag $3.99

All bag sizes are approximate. Most herbs come in a "3 x 4" or "4 x 6" zip lock bag, with paper label, as in the picture to the left.

Each bag of Grandpa's Herbs, comes with information on the planetary and elemental correspondences, if available, as well as metaphysical properties and folklore associated with each herb, printed on the back!
Each bag of Grandpa's Herbs (except as noted on the list), comes with information on the planetary and elemental correspondences, if available, as well as metaphysical
properties and folklore associated with each herb, printed on the back!
Grandpa's Proudly Accepts American Express, MasterCard, & Visa Cards!
Please, if an herbs is listed as poisonous, don't burn it as an incense or ingest any, unless you have been given specific directions by your healthcare provider.  Please, use caution and respect with all herbs. They can be powerful medicine.

Our products are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or malady. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, otherwise ill, or under a
physicians care, please check with your physician before using unknown herbs. Better safe, than sorry...

Legally necessary MagicalWitchcraftMetaphysicalOccultMumboJumboDisclaimerThingy - All items and articles, either spiritual or magickal in
nature, are presented or sold as curios only. The owners and staff at Grandpa's General Store make no claims as to the effectiveness of the
products sold, or to the validity or effectiveness of any of the magickal/metaphysical information presented. But on a personal note... our c
ustomers have overall been very pleased with these products and services. Want to know what people say?
click here!!

Grandpa's Proudly Accepts The Following Credit Cards:
Graphic Designę Dave Buckland 2001-2003
Used with permission
PLEASE NOTE: If you are unfamilliar with the uses of herbs, either magically or medicinally, please read HERE.
If the herb is poisonous, don't burn it as an incense or ingest any.  Herbs can be powerful medicine. Make sure you get it on good authority, before you try something new. Better safe, than sorry...    
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