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Ritual Chalices

The ritual chalice or cup is used on the altar to represent the feminine principle of Water.  Chalices may be of any material. Many use silver or pewter (be careful with untreated metals when serving wine)chalices, but ceramic chalice are popular and can be found most anywhere you can get stoneware.. Some Witches have many different kinds, for different types of rituals. Some Witches  will avoid real "lead" crystal because of the Saturn influence.

Some will use almost any vesel, even a plain glass tumbler,  it only needs to hold the liquid required.  Others have a need for a more ceremonial chalice, used only for this one purpose. 
To me, it lends a special quality to have a cup that is only used for the one purpose. It helps you to leave the ordinary space and become more in touch with the intangible, because you only use it for the one purpose. Instant recognition and mind awareness.
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Wiccan Chalice
Silver Plated Wiccan Ritual Chalice

Has a Wiccan pentagram(pentacle in a circle) on both sides! May be used to hold water, wine or?  Perfect  for spellcraft, ritual ceremony, or just a Great wine glass!
RCWIC  Silver Plated Wiccan Chalice  8" tall   $17.95 each
The Wiccan chalice is perfect for solitary work, or in coven circles. Makes a mighty fine wine glass, too!