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Brass Wiccan Altar Bells

There are 2 types of Wiccan altar bells.  One is plain brass with rings about the bell and the other has a Wiccan pentagram engraved on the front of it. Both have clear tone and are about 5 inches tall.
Plain Wiccan Bell $5.50 each
Pentagram Wiccan Bell $7.50 each

Brass Angel Bells

These are brass, with an little angel playing an instrument standing atop, as the handle. They come assorted, our choice.  About 6 inches tall. 

$9.95 each
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Last Updated August 30, 2004        
Brass Bells & Chimes
Ritual Tools ~ Altar Bells

We have all types of bells for almost any ritual need.  The outer shell of the bell is seen as being female while the hammer is envisioned as being male. The ringing of the bell marks the time, and purifies the air of unwanted influences. It can also be used to create an altered state of consciousness.

In Italy, bells are often attached to livestock to prevent them from getting the Evil Eye. Bells are also attached to household pets to protect them from baneful spirits.

Bells have be used in spellcrafting. Bells have been used to chase away elementals and unwanted energies. Bells have also been used to call spirits.  In Feng Shui a bell or chime can be used to activate a certain area or space in ones environment. In Wicca a bell is rung to delineate sections of the rite.
To add a bell to your order, click on the appropriate box and change the quantity to the number of bells you wish to purchase. When you have chosen all the bells, click on the "Add To Shopping Cart" button!

Plain Brass Wicca Bell
Brass Pentacle Wicca Bell
Brass Angel Bell-Assorted
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