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Many people believe that it is an important part of any ritual or ceremonial activity to use unadulterated incense that does not contain any burning agent. So, resin incense, powdered incense, or dried herbs, all made with all natural ingredients burned on charcoal discs, fill the bill. 
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~ Magical Blend Powdered Incense ~
Magic Incense Powders For Every Use
Looking for ritual incense sticks? Click Here to take you to ritual tools, where you will find fragrances like air, earth, fire, water, circle, full moon, money draw, dragon's blood, & more!.
Eye Of The Day Resin Incense

We have replaced Eye of the day resins with Grandpa's Resins. You may find  natural granular and chunk resin incense by clicking
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Charcoal Burning
Magical Blend Powdered Incense
From Mystic Temple

Magical Blend Powdered Incense are meant to be burned over charcoal tablets or disks.  The powdered incense blends are perfect for Wicca spellcraft, pagan ritual, spiritual quests, meditation, or just for the pure enjoyment of the scent! These incense powders are created at the appropriate Moon phase to further enhance the magical energies of each incense.

Each Magical Blend Powdered Incense comes in a 1/2 oz. bag.  The following types of Magical Blends Powdered Incense are available at Grandpa's, followed by the metaphysical properties or magical associations attributed to each incense:
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MB Air Incense
MB Earth Incense
MB Fire Incense
MB Water Incense
Dragons Blood Incense
Astral Projection Incense
MB Harmony Incense
Meditation Incense
Seduction Incense
Golden Aura Incense
MB Love Incense
Prosperity Incense
Magical Blends Powdered Incense. Powders add a little magic to your resin incense burning experience. Great for spellcraft and magical ritual, too. As these are blends, they will be a combination of herbs, oils, and resins.
Air Incense-For communication, new beginnings, positive change
Fire Incense
-For creativity, will power, success, spirituality
Earth Incense
-For the material, stability, abundance, grounding
Water Incense
-For emotion, psychic development, love, fertility 
Love Incense
-For attracting love and affection 
Prosperity Incense
-For increase, material, wealth, abundance
Harmony Incense
-For peace, balance, soothing anger, happiness
Meditation Incense
-Quiets the mind, concentration, relaxation
Seduction Incense
-For increasing sexual attraction, union & bliss
Golden Aura Incense
-For raising your personal magnetism
Dragon's Blood Incense
-For protection, luck, love, exorcism
Astral Projection Incense
-For aid in AP / out of body experiences

If you need a magical incense and love exotic scents and powders, then you can't go wrong, here!
Magical Blend Powdered Incense  $2.79 bag
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