Cast iron cauldrons, pictured above, clockwise from the left:
A=BR75, B=BR76, C=BR77,
For a larger image of the cast iron cauldrons, click here!

Every Wiccan should have a cauldron in their metaphysical supply. Many Pagans of different paths use the ritual cauldron, but they also make really cool incense burners or smud
ge pots, as well. Some use the cast iron as scrying bowls, candy dishes, paperclip holders, too!

Cast Iron Cauldrons

These 3 legged, cast iron cauldrons are heavy and durable. They can be used for ritual ceremony, magick spell crafting, as candle holders, incense burners or?  We have four sizes of cast iron cauldrons available. 

BR75  Cast Iron Cauldron 3" across                     $9.95
BR76 Cast Iron Cauldron  6" across                    $17.95
BR77 Cast Iron Cauldron W/Lid  4 1/2" across  $ 17.95

CS1337 Cast Iron Cauldron-Comes with a cast iron lid. This is a traditional "garlic roaster" pot, and comes preseasoned, ready for your special use!
This hefty 5 lb. Cauldron is about 6" across, about 5" high, and about 4"deep. It holds about 26oz. of liquid. 

CS1337 Cast Iron Cauldron  $34.95
Cast Iron Cauldron, Brass Cauldrons, Terra Cotta Ritual Bowl - Ritual Tools And Magic Supplies - Magick and Ritual Cauldrons For Modern Pagans, Wiccans, Magicians, And Seekers, Alike! Our cast iron cauldrons make great scrying bowls, too, for water divination!
Grandpas General Store - The perfect place to buy Unique Gifts, Occult Shop & Metaphysical Supplies - Cast Iron Cauldrons, Brass Cauldrons, Terra Cotta Cauldrons and more! A ritual cauldron may be used for ceremony, spellcraft, burning incense, as a scrying bowl - the black cast iron cauldron, candle holder, and more!
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Last Updated September 6, 2004     
Spellcraft and Ritual Cauldrons
& Cauldron Incense Burners

The cauldron is one of the most common symbols of Witchcraft, and one of the first tools the eager new witch wants to aquire.

The cauldron was once found sitting by the fireplace in most homes, as it was used to cook the family meals. Most ritual cauldrons have 3 legs, said to represent bounty and blessings.

Based on certain Celtic myths in some traditions, the cauldron has also come to represent the concept of reincarnation and the cycles of birth, death and rebirth.

Ritual cauldrons can be used to represent the water element and have also been used for scrying. Cauldrons are also sometimes used to represent the fire element, and small fires can be lit in some, to burn incense and for spellcasting. It all depends on the size of the cauldron, the particular use,  and the witches intent.

Every witch needs a mixing bowl with which to combine energy and essences of nature. Many Witches have cauldrons in several sizes for different uses.  I have even heard of people using the great big plastic cauldrons(the halloween type) for mixing up large batches of magickal liquids, or herb blends.
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3" Iron Cauldron
6" Iron Cauldron
4 1/2" Iron Cauldron
Cast Iron Garlic Cauldron
Terra Cotta Cauldron
2inch Brass Cauldron
3inch Brass Cauldron
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This Page-Cast Iron Cauldron, Brass Cauldron, Red Terra Cotta Cauldron, Witch's Cauldrons for Witches.
Brass Cauldrons, incense burners, or smudge pots
Cast Iron Cauldrons, Incense Burners, or Cast Iron Smudge Pots
Unglazed Fired Terra Cotta Cauldron, Smudge Pots, or Incense Burner
Pictured above, from left to right U2 - 2 inch brass cauldron, U3 - 3 inch brass cauldron. Click here, for a larger image of these 2 brass cauldrons!

Brass Cauldrons

In Brass cauldrons, we have 2 sizes.  These cauldrons have a little removable brass tray with holes in it to hold incense, charcoal, or what have you. They may be small, but the antique style brass and ornamental feet give them an elegant look.

U2 Brass Cauldron, about 2 inches across $5.95
U3 Brass Cauldron, about 3 inches across $8.95
Unglazed Terra Cotta Cauldrons

These pretty little red clay cauldrons are made of fired Italian Terra Cotta clay, and are pictured above.

Smooth and elegant, the caudrons measure about 4" across, at the  widest point, and 3" high.  They are solid fired terra cotta and it is unglazed. That is, they will very slowly erode, if exposed to the elements, so they are best stored indoors.

These terra cotta cauldrons would make great incense burners, just add a little salt or sand. You could also use them as candle holders,  small mixing bowls for dried herbs and such, or even small planters.

TC316    4inch Red Terra Cotta Cauldron   $10.95
Pictured above, is the TC316 Terra Cotta Cauldron.
Click here, for a larger image!
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