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If you are unfamilliar with the uses of herbs, either magically or medicinally, please read HERE.  Below you will find a selection currently available.  Please, if it is poisonous, don't burn it as an incense or ingest any!  Make sure you get it on good authority, before you try something new. Keep checking back for new additions.
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Bag of Galangal Root
Bag of Juniper Berries
Bag of Lavendar
Bag of Lemon Grass
Bag of Lemon Verbena
Bag of Mandrake Root
Bag of Orris Root
Bag of Patchouly
Bag of Rosemary
Bag of Sage
Bag of Salt Petre
Bag of Sulphur
Bag of Tonks Beans
Brimstone-see Sulphur

Galangal Root,
cut- Mars, Fire, masculine, protection, lust, health, money
                                 also known as Lo John           2oz bag  $2.25

Juniper Berries,whole-Sun, Fire, masculine, protection, anti-theft,love,
                                 exorcism                                    2oz. bag  $2.50

Lavendar-Mercury, Air, masculine, love, protection, sleep, peace, purify,
                                  happiness                                  2oz. bag  $4.00

Lemon Grass-Mercury, Air, masculine, repel snakes, lust, psychic powers
                                                                                      1oz. bag  $1.00

Lemon Verbena Leaf
, cut-Mercury, Air, masculine, purify, love,
                                increase spell strength             1oz. bag  $3.00

Mandrake Root, Cut-POISON, Extremely Toxic, Mercury, masculine,
                                 fire, protection, love, money, fertility, health, image magic
                                                                                        1oz. bag $2.40

Orris Root,
powdered-Venus,Water, feminine, love, protection, divination
                                                                                       1oz. bag  $3.20

Patchouly Leaf, cut-Saturn/Pluto, feminine, Earth, lust, prosperity,
                                      fertility,  love                        1oz. bag  $2.40

Rosemary Leaf, whole-Sun, Fire, masculine, protection, love, exorcism,
                                  sleep, healing, youth                2oz. bag  $1.45            

Sage, rubbed-Jupiter, Air, masculine, longevity, protection, wishes, money
                                                                                       1oz. bag  $1.00

Salt Petre-for women who do not want their partners to have outside sexual
                                  relations                                        1oz. bag 

Sulphur, Powder-Actually a mineral, caution-smells like rotten eggs,
              used in exorcism and protection incenses  2oz. bag $1.25

Tonka Beans, whole-POISON,Venus,Water, feminine, love, courage,
                                   wishes, money                             1oz. bag  $3.75
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