Grandpa's Metaphysical Incense
Magickal Incense For Every Purpose

Air Incense

For communication, new beginnings, & positive change.
The astrological signs of Aquarius, Gemini, & Libra, all relate to the element of Air.

Celtic Mystery Incense

Great for Shamanic journeys, and occult workings, or connecting to Celtic Deity.  Celtic Mystery incense is also good for divination & developing psychic abilities.

Circle Incense

Used for circle casting, general workings in the circle and an all purpose ritual incense.

Divination Incense

A rich, somewhat "woody" scent, with a "fresh" top note. Great for getting in touch with your "higher self" or spirits. Very helpful for calming the mind and connecting. Burn this incense when doing any sort of divination to ensure clear vision and clarity. Great for Tarot divination, crystal scrying, etc.

Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood is great for protection, to drive away evil and negativity. This blend is a very powerful uncrossing incense. Dragons Blood can be used anytime to clear negative vibrations while establishing positive ones. Dragon's Blood Incense is also helpful for working  to increase magickal power, and potency.  It is a well known Love Incense. Legend has it, that it will help to attract an errant lover to return, as well.  This is one of my favorites and also a Hot item!

Earth Incense

For the material, stability, abundance, & grounding. The astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn, all relate to the element of Earth.

Fire Incense

For creativity, will power, success, & spirituality. The astrological signs of Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius, all relate to the element of Fire.

Full Moon Incense

Full Moon Incense, to call forth to celebrate the mystery and magic of Lady moon, Her healing and abundance. Use Full Moon Incense during the esbat for magick, or anytime you have a need  for the energy of the Moon, as in emotions, fertility, the home, scrying, dreams, wishes, and moon magic. Sandalwood is one of the ingredients used.

God Incense

Use God Incense, to help honor or call forth the energy of God. Affirms male energy, masculine divinity, both within and without.  Masculine, rich, woodsy, with a hint of sweetgrass. Patchouli is a main ingredient

Goddess Incense

Use Goddess Incense to help honor or call forth the energy of Goddess.  Soft, feminine, yet full of richness and power. Affirms female energy, feminine divinity, both within and without. Myrrh and lavender serve this purpose.

Healing Incense

A soothing healing blend with a floral base. Use for any healing magic. Burn and envision spiritual or physical healings. Use this blend in all healing rituals to invoke wellness. Best when used on Wednesdays during the waxing moon.  Healing Incense is also, in my opinion, great for getting a good night of sleep:) Use it anytime you need to recharge your batteries.

** Kyphi ~ Egyptian Temple Incense **

Kyphi is used in night rituals, to invoke Egyptian Goddess & Gods & as a general magickal incense. Its aromatic substances lull to sleep, allay anxieties, and brighten dreams.

Love Incense

For attracting love and affection,  for being more loving towards others, or for being more loving towards your inner self. 

Magic Incense

Use Magic Incense for raising magickal power/energies, or magickal spellwork. An all around incense for magickal working.

Money Drawing Incense

Use for increasing prosperity, material, wealth, & abundance.

Pan Incense

The incense to honor the God Pan, the Greek God of shepherds and flocks. Pan was also a god of fertility, unbridled male sexuality and carnal desire. He chased nymphs through the forests and mountains, while in the shape of a goat.
Pan Incense is like being outdoors in a meadow, garden or glen, in springtime. This magickal blend invokes the frolic and lusty fun of the Greek God Pan. This exotic scent of dark musk and civet allows one to be uninhibited, passionate and free.
  A masculine energy of sensual pleasure, earthly delights, playfulness, etc.  Peel me a grape, please:)

Protection Incense

Use to create an aura of protection against negativity. May be used after cleansing, to protect a space.

Sacred Space

Creates a blessed place safety, purity and sanctity. Cedar leaf affirms this sacredness. Good for meditation, peace of mind, and creating tranquility in the surroundings.

Shaman Incense

Shaman Incense, a wonderfull spiritual mixture, touched with leather, fir, cinnamon, and clove, amongst others. Burn Shaman Incense to connect to spirit guides, animal spirits, or for journeying to other realms.

Sweetgrass Incense

Burn to attract good spirits, positive energy. If you use white sage to smudge, Sweetgrass incense is great for burning after clearing a space.  Sweetgrass brings in the good and positive spirit helpers & energies.

Water Incense

For emotion, psychic development, love, & fertility. The astrological signs of Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces, all relate to the element of Water.

Grandpa's Metaphysical Incense comes in 5 stick packages. Each package is 75 cents. At this price, you can easily afford to try several kinds, just to see how you like them. We love to hear back from our customers, too, telling us how they enjoy using our incense!
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Ritual and Magickal Incense

Magickal Incense. You want to manifest a  new love in your life? You want to learn to meditate and find peace? You want to become closer to your chosen God or Goddess? You want to learn divination and find out what the future holds for you? These are just some of the ways that magickal incense may be used. Ritual and magickal incense can help elevate the energies to the required level, can help to move the mind into the proper place, and can change the way we think and feel. Scent is one of our most powerful senses.

Grandpa's Metaphysical Incense

Grandpa's Metaphysical Incense is made in America. Some of the recipes are hundreds of years old.  Each one is formulated for the intended use. Once you try it, you will keep coming back for more!  The following metaphysical incense are the current selection.  We will be adding more styles as we go along.  Got a favorite magickal incense?
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Grandpa's Metaphysical Incense Sticks, for almost every purpose.  We have fragrances, for prayer, shamanic journeys, divination, magick, ritual, spellcraft, circle casting, and more.
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Grandpa's Metaphysical Incense. Everything your need for all your spiritual and magickal workings. Our current selection of metaphysical incense:Elemental Incense, Air Incense, Earth Incense, Fire Incense, Water Incense, Celtic Mystery Incense, Circle Incense, Divination Incense,  Dragon's Blood Incense,  Full Moon Incense, God Incense,  Goddess Incense, Healing Incense, Love,  Magic Incense, Money Drawing,  Pan Incense, Protection, Sacred Space Incense, Shaman Incense, Sweetgrass Incense. Grandpa's Metaphysical Incense has the perfect magickal incense for all your needs.