Native American Smudging products-Occult And Metaphysical Supplies-Sweetgrass Braids, Loose White Sage, Tiny Smudge Bundles, Smudge Wands, White Sage Wand, Sweet Grass Braid for sale! Do you like to smudge? We have everything you need!
Smudge Products & Accessories-Grandpa's General Store-Unique Gifts & Metaphysical Supplies-Smudge & Smudging Supplies-Loose White Sage, Sweetgrass Braids, Smudge Bundles & White Sage Wands For Sale! Reasonable prices, too!
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Smudge & Smudging Supplies
Smudge, Sage, & Sweetgrass

Smudging is the burning of sacred herbs in tribal smudging ceremonies for clearing, prayer, & purification. Grandpa's offers white sage wands, Sage Spirit wands, loose white sage, Sweetgrass braids, and more..We also have a variety of smudging accessories like abalone smudge bowls, turkey feathers, clay smudge pots, sand & charcoal.

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Last updated September 4, 2004  
Native American Smudging Supplies

Charcoal & Sand
Swift Lite Charcoal and smudge pot sand.

Smudging Accessories
Abalone shells, smudge pots, smudging feathers, and more!

Smudging Blends
Herbal Scents ceremonial tobacco, pinion pine, sacred home, smudge mix, and more!

Sage Spirit Smudge Wands
Good quality smudge wands, in a variety of blends!

Grandpa's Herb Section
Can't find it anywhere? Try our dried herb section!
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Bag Loose White Sage
Sweet Grass Braid
Baby Smudge Bundles
White Sage Wand
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Loose White Sage

A wonderful herb for cleansing, purification and clarity. 
May be burned alone in an open burner or over charcoal. Comes in a 4 x 6 bag (apx 3/4 oz.) with metaphysical information on the back. 
LWHITE White Sage $3.29
Loose White Sage-One of the all time smudging herbs of choice! White sage is a very powerful herb and great for cleansing rituals! Loose white sage & sweetgrass braids are the basic staples of smudging.
Sweetgrass Braids

Integrate your mind with your spirit, with sweetgrass braids!  Also used for purification and with sage, to bring in positive influences.  For people who are starting new things or want to release old patterns, sweetgrass is especially useful.
Can be burned in an open burner or over charcoal. Either light the end of the braid and smolder, or cut off a small piece to burn in a smudge bowl. May also be hung in the home as a protection amulet. Smells good too...
Sweetgrass has a wonderful soft sweet scent, not unlike vanilla & fresh mown hay! Current supply of sweetgrass braids are about 18-24" long. Comes in a resealable bag, with metaphysical information about the herb.

SWEETG Sweetgrass Braid $8.75 Each
Sweetgrass-Smudging With Sweet Grass Braids-Use them to bring in good influences, after a clearing or cleansing smudge ceremony. Sweetgrass has a lovely soft sweet aroma, the perfect incense!
Baby Smudge Bundles

These little baby smudge bundles of sage and other herbs are for cleansing and wisdom. 
They are  just about 3 inches long and are perfect for traveling or clearing a small space! Comes in a resealable bag with instructions.  
BABSM  Baby Smudge Bundle 
$1.99 Each
Baby Smudge Bundles-A mixture of many smudging herbs-Great for cleansing or clearing a space, and for acquiring wisdom from beyond...
White Sage Wands

Used for cleansing, strength, wisdom, and purification. Gotta room with a nasty feeling in it? Light a white sage wand and go all around the room, behind the furniture, into the closet, everywhere.  Do it once a month, or more.
These can be a little loose and somewhat brittle, depending on the sage available when it is made. We recommend using an ash tray or bowl, to catch the ashes. Still a great bargain!
The sage wands come in a resealable bag, with burning information on the back. About 4-6 inches long.
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WWAND  White Sage Wands $2.99 Each
White Sage Wands, For Smudging! Used for cleansing, strength, wisdom, and purification, white sage wands or loose sage are the basics for smudging!
Please Note: These products are not made by Native Americans or First Nations people.
Legally necessary MagicalWitchcraftMetaphysicalOccultMumboJumboDisclaimerThingy - All items and articles, either spiritual or magickal in nature, are presented or sold as curios only. The owners and staff at Grandpa's General Store make no claims as to the effectiveness of the products sold, or to the validity or effectiveness of any of the magickal/metaphysical information presented. But on a personal note... our customers have overall been very pleased with these products and services. Want to know what people say?
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