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This is our Comments Page.  Here you can read what others think of our store.  And yes, folks, these are REAL comments from real people, who have either purchased items from or visited our store online, or both.  If you would like to add your own, please
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Hello Erin,

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived in Maine on precisely the day you said it would. It was beautifully packaged, and as I rummaged through the packing material, I found the little Guatemalan worry dolls in their little yellow box--an unexpected, lovely extra that I've enjoyed. I've got a four-year-old grandson who takes the worries of the world on his shoulders every night when he goes to bed, and I've decided to share them with him. I think they'll be just the ticket to help him manage things more comfortably.

I've been singing your praises whenever I talk about The
Transformation Game, so I hope that'll bring you some more orders. The game itself, by the way, was wonderful. My three friends and I played it one rainy night in Digby, Nova Scotia, in the midst of Evangeline country, and it truly was transformational. I hope lots and lots of people are finding out about it--and that they're all ordering the game from YOU!!!

Thanks again for your help and your nice e-mail. It really helped me relax and know that the game would be in Maine when I needed it to be: a form e-mail--or no e-mail at all--would have made for some anxious moments!

I'll be looking for some more goodies from your website soon...

Pat Shepherd

Hello Erin and the general store family! 
I just read the newsletter.  It was absolutley wonderful.  I am a practicing witch and have been my whole life.  I come from a family of witches and I have given everyone  the GGS e-mail address.  I Love the web site.  I get such a great vibe from you
guys.   I have a huge order that I'm going to place this friday.  The incense is super and the pentagram that I bought went to my neice  (it's her first.}  She loved it.  She and i charged it together.  Great experience!!! 

Thank you for ......... just being great.   Better go now
Beki, From Kentucky

Hi Erin,

Just wanted to say thanks for my recent order.  The
wolf totem incense burner is gorgeous and shipping was fast!
The burner was a birthday gift for my friend - he loves it! He also liked the scent of the cones that came with it.  Dou you happen to know which scent that is?
(Mountain Rain)

Thank you!

Jeanne, from Arizona

Hi Erin,
Sorry for the long delay in responding, my phone line has been down for the last week, hence - no internet/email. Thank you again soooo much for the book!!!!!
(Llewellyn's Magical Almanac) In my humble opinion, it is GREAT, and definitely worth having on a mage's/wizard/witch's bookshelf.
It covers a lot of the basics, as well as some of the mythology/history of many pagan elements. This is definitely a book that I will get each year that it is published. If I may take a moment to thank you again, not only for the book, but also for your store. I have found more information and items to keep my spells going than I have found anywhere else on the web.....not to mention the EXCELLENT service that will keep me coming here again and again.

Thank you again for everything,
Peace and Blessings
Chris (Rayden the White)

I received my
sake set today and want to let you know how thrilled I am with your product and service.  I really didn't expect to receive it so quicklyand the timing was perfect as my brother from Arizona arrived yesterday with a gift bottle of sake! 
Today we had toasts using my beautiful new tokkuri.
Thank you again.  It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Mary, From MO

Thank you so much, I received my order and I love the
Musk I got..I will definetly order from you guys again..
It was packaged so nicely and nothing was broken.
I sincerely appreciate the order..
A happy customer,
Diane, Cartersville, GA

I'm just starting out on the Pagan path and have been exploring various websites over the past six months.  By far, your website offers the best service (great selection and prices, super fast shipping, every item packed with the utmost care) of any online site.  This is my fourth order already; I'll be ordering again and again in the months to come!

A very happy customer,

Brian, From New York City

Hello and Thank you!

Just received my order from you.  Such a quick response!  And the package has such a nice presentation!  That's even before I got to the items!

smudge sticks and Sweet grass braids are wonderful.  It was such a 'lift' just inhaling the aromas!  Was hard to put them down!

Our apartment building had a serious fire in October, and we are just now being able to move back in.  This is perfect timing - to do a cleansing smudge over Easter!  We can encompass all spiritual ideals with the cleansing and renewal.

Thank you very much.  Peace and Happiness to you.
Ruby, from Prescott,  WI

Dear Erin,

I received my order on Monday and was very pleased. I was particularly pleased with the condition and quality of the products and, also, that you provide helpful information on product use, as well as, recipes, which, I thought was great.

Your's Truly,

Bob, Citrus Heights, CA 

Hello Erin, I just wanted to let you know that the prize you sent me arrived yesterday. The incense  smells wonderful. Thank you so very much. We haven't burned incense in years because we had a little dog that was allergic to the fumes. Alas, she is no longer with us. I tried a small amount of the Pisces(my birth sign)  scent last night and just loved it. Thank you once again.

Brenda, From Buford, GA
Dear Erin,

The purple bubble bead curtain I recently purchased from you was absolutely PERFECT!  It was a birthday present for my 14-year-old niece.  The color of the beads was nearly an identical match to the furniture in her room!  We looked all over town and found only one store that carried them (everyone else had sold out at the beginning of the school year and hadn't ordered any more) but they were the wrong color.  Came home, did an online search for 'bead curtains' and there you were!  I was incredibly pleased with the entire buying experience with you, from order to delivery.  And the follow-up email I received this morning was a bonus. It was a pleasure doing business with you...and with Christmas right around the corner.... Thanks!!

Purple Bubble Bead Buyer (grin!)
Jamie, From Harvest, AL

Received my order with ample time to spare.Everything arrived in PERFECT shape including the candles.I also received a FREE candle snuffer. Thank you so much for caring about your customers--you don't see that much anymore.
Thank you
Irene- Candia NH

Hi Erin,

Just wanted to let you know that my order showed up in record time.  How could I not love the bags I got for my tarot decks.  I will be back with my charge card. I do appreciate good quality, good prices and good services. You have earned my triple G award.

Love and blessings

Patricia, from Ashburnham, MA 

What a unique experience: personalized assistance, excellent communication skills (a forgotten art), competence and even friendly banter. Not to mention top quality merchandise. All of this from an online store, in an age when you consider yourself lucky to find any ONE of those sterling qualities in a face-to-face shopping trip.
I am delighted to have found "Grandpa's" and wish Erin all the best.
With Thanks and Blessings,

Good morning,
I was absolutely thrilled with averything I got and your fast shipping and your great customer service!!! I was planning to respond earlier but had already deleted your previous email.I will have to add you site to my "favorites" for future shopping,you guys had everything I was looking for.
                                 Thanks again!!!

Many thanks for keeping me up to date with my order and your follow up!
I am very happy with the incense kit as well as the service and support provided.  This is how shopping over the internet should be done.

Best regards
Brian S.

Greetings Erin:
   I would like to say thank you for the kit that I won. It is a wonderful little kit. I enjoy the size and the items in it. I have tryed it and have really enjoyed it's benifits. So to you I say thank you again for sending me the Ritual kit of Joy. I will come visit your site again real soon. Until then have a wonderful day.

Hello, Erin.
I am very happy with my purchases from your company.
In fact, I just finished a love incense packet for a
I love your web site and believe you have quality products
well presented. I will be using some of your essential oil
for the purification ritual tomorrow night. I burn the lavender
and  jasmine almost daily. I am sure I will be a repeat
customer, and I do appreciate your checking on me.
Thank you.      
Catherine- NC       


Ankle bracelets were perfect. My wife and I saw a guy
wearing one like it on the beach in Florida a couple of
years ago and thought it was wonderful. We fell in love
with the idea and have been looking for one since with
no luck, UNTIL NOW!! Thanks, we can't wait to hit the
beach next week.

Steve Richards-WV

My incense and baby smudges were wonderful, arrived
promptly, and were in shipped in great shape!  Thanks
again, and I WILL be a repeat customer!

Amy, From Texas                

...I was very pleased with the quality of everything I ordered,
everything was exactly as advertised.  I also appreciated the
extra bonus incense you included.  Everything was nicely
packed and I received the order very very quickly, actually
two days sooner than I expected.  Thanks again.  I will
definitely be ordering again from you in the future.

Randy-Arlington, VA

Just thought I'd let you know, I am *extremely* pleased with
my order (the sandalwood, in particular, is amazing!), and
will definitely be ordering more products from you in the

A. Buchanan

Grandpa's has to be the best handled store on-line.
Not only are my order's filled quickly and correct, everything
I order is of the finest quality and much more than I ever
Your courtesy and professional manner and concern is such
a rare thing in this day and age.
It's a pleasure to do business with you, and fun with all the
extra games etc. that you have.  Love that "cow" game must
be the Norweigan in me.

Blessings and Peace
Silver Raven

Hello and the warmest regards. 
I just wanted to let you know that everything in the shipment
was fantastic.  The colors were just as i had hoped they'd be
and all the candles were in perfect order.  Thanks so much
for doing a great job.  I was surprised my order actually
arrived when it did, i was expecting it to take longer. 
Thanks again for the great job.  I  will definetely be doing
more business with your store.

A very happy customer,
Garrett :)

Hi Erin,
My order arrived yesterday, I can`t say enough about your
service! You will hear from me again.
                                             Love and Peace

Just wanted to let you know my order arrived today, many
thanks for the great goods.  Such things are hard to find out
here!  Thanks aslo for the extra goodies you enclosed!  I am
forever buying, so I know where to go when I need something
next time and can't find it in town!  Thanks again :)

Renee Wirick-CA

Of course I will write back!  I am a frequent internet shopper
and I must say that the quality of your site, the notification
emails, quick delivery and follow up really makes a HUGE
difference in my shopping experience, it's hard to find such
quality service over the internet.  I would definately return
to your site and recommend you to my friends!

Thanks and take care,

I want to compliment you on your site. I am very
satisfied with the products and the quick response
from the e-mail. Other sites give me the creeps. They
don't make catholic christians feel very welcome. I
use the tarot as a spiritual tool and the incense and
candles also to set the mood. God, my guardian angel
and my spirit guide help to speak to me through prayer
and the cards. Thankyou for being so helpful. I intend
to be a loyal customer.

S Brightwell~MO

Hey Grandpa! 
How cool, that you care if my small, but very important
order was recieved, and that I am happy with it.  What I
recieved was of the highest quality, that I've seen, and very
well packaged.  I also appreciate the emails saying, "Order recieved", "Order is on the way".  Top notch, excellent,
A #1, very extremely happy customer, type business.  Thank
You so much.  You will be doing business with me again.  I
wish you great success, and may the spirit shine with great
warmth upon your hopes and dreams.

Patrick L. Sinnott~Colorado

I received my order of charcoal today and just wanted to write
a note saying it's fun doing business with you. It's rare to find
such great customer service these days.   -I wish you all the best              

                       Dave - Stayton, Oregon

This is the best website for info, products, learning and all of your links are wonderful.  I'm telling everyone about Grandpas!!!!  I'm glad I spent the time suring and landed on you guys.


Hi Erin,

Yes, everything arrived intact and on schedule.  They're _wonderful_!
I've been burning incense sticks for many years, and recently purchased a chalice burner and am now reveling in the
wonders (not to mention small fog bank) of herbs, resins
and wood chips. :)  :: chuckles ::  The difference in smell is incredible - I'm having a ball.

Thanks again for your wonderful service and great product. 
I'll definitely be back, and recommend you to friends/ relatives/
strangers on street corners.

Tracy ~Windsor, Wisconsin

Excellent!!!!   Loved the thank you gift, very nice surprise!
Best incense ever! Great price on quantity of herbs, can't get
those prices anywhere here in Sacramento!  Thank you, look forward to placing my next order!

Michelle McIntosh-California

...The order arrived, in perfect condition.The packaging was
beautiful. I appreciate that kind of packing.
I am definitely going to be a repeat customer!
Your service is excellent and I will recommend you to anyone
that will listen.
Brightest Blessings,
Melanie~ Pipersville, Pa

I recently placed a web order, and just wanted to write and
tell someone thanks.  You have a great selection of herbs and
incense,  e-mail follow-up on the order was excellent (I knew
when my order was received, when it left the store, and when
I would receive it)......and I got it in three days!!
Anyway, sometimes the good things go unsaid.....so I just
wanted to let you know how satisfied I am, and that I'll be
Tell Erin Gjertsen thanks for me!

Rod Churchwell ~Tennessee

I would definitely like to say that it is nice to know there is still
one well run shop out there.  I have never seen such care put
toward the customer on such a personal level.  I am very
pleased with your service and your product.  If you would
honestly like to help me out perhaps you could let me know
were I could find some small glass jars.  About one and a half
inches wide and tall with air tight lids.  If you know of any
where that is.
Thank You,
Duncan MacKinnon, Ohio

I was having a terrible time finding the oil.  I have seen no
one in New York that has ever heard of Spiritual Sky, much
less sell it.  Prior to finding you, I had placed an order with
a company through Yahoo! called Legend Gift Shop.  Legend
Gift Shop did not hesitate to charge my credit card and
despite various attempts to reach them, including phone
messages and e-mails, I never received my order.  In fact, I
never even received a confirmation for my order. 
Fortunately, I was able to challenge the charge on my card
& was not responsible for paying the fee.

No sooner did I place my order, I had my confirmation that
it was received and sent from you within a matter of 3 days. 
This is the way internet shopping should be; with the comfort
and ease you handled my order.  I will not be shopping with
any one else for my oil.  Please put me on your shopping list,
and once again, thank you for your help.


Wendy B. Skinner
Long Island, New York

P.S.  Thanks for that great fortune teller fish!  What a great conversation piece!!!

Oh, just to let you know, everyone loves your incense.  I have
been a candle burner for years and must admit that your incense
are far superior.  (and I wasn't buying inexpensive candles
either <g>)  My kids take a few each time they visit so I'll be
a regular customer for those.
Love and light,
Received the pendants today.  They are great, I love them!!  I
had no idea they would be so nice for the price.

Thanks so much,
Sharon~ Zanesville, Ohio

Everything arrived wonderfully, I LOVE
my little wooden box!! You'll be seeing me shopping agin very
soon, (usually sooner than you think ;)

Shannon~Robertsville, MO

The incense arrived on Saturday, and I had a wonderful
time unpacking it. The whole house smelled great...
...I started with Black Cherry because, frankly, I expected
to like that the least; I am not much on fruit fragrances.

However, it is terrific - I can still smell it, an hour after
the fact...
... About 10 years ago I met a man at a flea market in Lima,
Ohio, who made incense in his garage as a hobby. I was
interested, and he explained the process to me - the dipping,
the use of oils to make the fragrances last longer, even how
he started with a piece of wood and split his own sticks. His
end product was wonderful - I still have a few treasured
I pulled one out and compared it to yours and found that
they are very similar. Not the compressed black stuff you see
so often, but the textured whatever-it-is. They burn at about
the same rate, too, and appear to be made from the same or
a similar compound. The only difference was that he used
coloring agents....
I always thought his was the best I had ever come upon-
and yours matches it. To say I am delighted is putting it
mildly. I have told all my friends that I have finally found
incense that matches the old.
Thank you again for having the contest and drawing my
name. I don't think I have ever won anything that I
appreciated more.

Barb Wyatt~ Ohio

I ordered from you in July. I just wanted to tell you
how impressed I was with the wonderful herbs I
received! Thank you so much! You can really tell the
time and effort you put into making your products
special for your customers. The order was sent
promptly, the items I ordered were packaged very
neatly and each wrapped so as not to be damaged during
shipping. I also really loved the incense stick I
ordered. They are fantastic. You can bet that as my
supply diminishes I will be submitting another order
with you. ...
J. Karalunas

Thanks so much. And just so you know, I would be glad to
recommend you to my friends. It's rare to find an internet
based business that is so friendly and polite. I appreciate it
very much. I hope you have a nice week.

Becky W.
DeLand, FL

My favorite thing about Grandpa's:    Your wonderful
drawings.  I love to win stuff.  BTW, the trunes are GREAT! 
I consult them all the time, and its helping me memorize the
Thank you
Natasha Starnes, Van, TX

Merry meet to all,
my order came today.  I was very happy with everything, I was especially happy about the black candles .  I also loved the wand that was picked for me.  All the candles came in one piece , none were broke or melted.
I was very impressed with service,my order came  when u said it would.how did u do that????? lol!!!!!! Thanks for the dragon blood incense and new world, I will surly enjoy both. 
looking forward to doing business with u again. bless it be to all of you.

Debbie-Parlin, NJ USA
This is the place to go, folks.  Not only for Erin's great selection and willingness to order or find most anything you need, but because she's ready to talk and listen.  Nobody treats you like a number instead of a person here.  The selection of alternative books and supplies was excellent and always different. Raven and I were regular customers at Grandpa's General Store when it was in downtown Sparta, and can tell anyone out there from experience that Erin's someone you can trust. Many people, including us, are a bit leery of ordering over the Internet, but not from Erin. We're confident to order from Grandpa's General Store because we know it'll be done right.

Raven & Ruby, Camp Douglas, WI

We are very happy with our purchase. Looks like you have some neat new stuff. I won't forget about your site.

Rebecca, Randallstown, MD

Our Comments on the store,
First of all.... and Primarily, We must say that the owner of this store will treat you like a genuine person.... and will HELP you.... yes, that's right.... she will help you, and will ask for your opinion if she feels you will give her one. Of our experience there, We have been able to ask her to order
certain items for her store, and she has.
This is a place you must check out....
Not only can she please people looking for incense and alternative content items, but they carry items for just about
anyone.... I'm sure you've seen the list. bottom line.... this place is quality.... not only in the merchandise, but in the service.

Stacy and Shane, Sparta, WI

Shopping at GGS was awesome! Erin always has the coolest stuff from art sculptures to zen books. you can't help but find some interesting things there.

Tasha-Madison, WI

I think Grandpa's General Store is the coolest. they have everything you need for pranks or just to relax. It really is a great store!

Stacy -Sparta, WI
What a great synopsis on the different major schools of Feng Shui!  As a practitioner, I have been able to blend the schools with good results.  Both traditional and Professor Lin's methods work if implemented properly.  Thanks for the great site. I often give talks on the different schools of feng shui and will recommend it.

Harmony Design Interiors, USA
Atascadero, CA USA -

The incense is great! Wish I had found your site sooner! Will definately order more when this supply runs out. And probably some other items as well..
~Sheila Flynn
East Rochester, NY

I just got my trunes today, and I LOVE them.  Thank you for
allowing me the opportunity to try them out.  I just wanted to
commend those of you at the  site, and especially Larry, for a
wonderful product.  Again, thank you.

Tasha Starnes, Van, TX

About a month or so ago I ordered a caldron from you and I just wanted to say Thanks!  Your customer service was great and I am thrilled with my caldron and the information you sent about curing it.  I will definitely be shopping with you for my craft needs and, in addition, I think your website goes above and beyond most commercial sites.  Thank you for being a caring part of the online community!

--- Holly Richardson-Huntington, West Virginia

i just wanted you to know i received my book of shadows today in the mail. everything is great, thanks for being so nice! i will definitely shop with your store again
destiny-Bradenton, Florida

Grandpa's General Store:

    My order arrived today, only three days after I placed it; impressive, and I wanted to offer my most sincere thanks- -not only for the quality of your products, but also for your expediency and wonderful customer service.
It is an absolute pleasure doing business with you.  I can
guarantee that I will be shopping with you again. I know many companies who could do well by following your lead.   Again, many thanks!

Yours Respectfully,
Nikolai Balah-Glendale, CA

It is so very nice to get a personalized message in a world that always seems to be too busy to realize that there are people on the other end of the order.
You have a really nice website that I will be exploring in more detail.  I, too am looking forward to an ongoing relationship with the folks at Grandpa's General Store.  Nice folks, good products.....you just can't go wrong.

Please feel free to use my comments if you wish.  I have been very satisfied  with everything that I have received. 
I have enjoyed the emails that we have shared, and I am still meandering through your website----looking, reading, and learning.  It is my hope that you and Grandpa's both prosper.

Best wishes,
Ronald Wolek
Arlington Heights, IL

Everything arrived safely and I really like the cup, now I am looking for a good (a really good)Athame, like the real thing (no pewter)...any ideas? I've been recommending your store to others, great place to shop!

Lee Irwin-Johns Island, SC