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Hanging Brass Incense Censer
Brass Thuribles

This brass incense censer is great for effect! Hanging censers can be carried about the room, or around a magick circle.  They are great for using when you want to take the incense from room to room, as in a house spiritual cleansing, etc. You can just leave it hanging in a stationary position, too. The choice is yours.  This brass thurible censer hangs on 3 chains, about 9 inches long.  The incense burner is just over 3 inches across and about 5 inches tall with the cover on.  The incense burner has little star cutouts on the lid  that allow the air to move about freely. This hanging brass incense burner is great for  burning charcoal w/herbs, resins, or  powders, or you can use it for cones.  Get yours today! 
Hanging Brass Incense Burner  $9.95each
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Charcoal Incense Burners
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Stone Charcoal Incense Burner
or Stone Offering Bowl

This stone bowl incense burner is smooth, versatile, and comes in a variety of shades, from the dark stone, shown here, to very light.  These stone incense burners are about 4 inches across.  Each incense burner comes with a bag of sand for burning charcoal and incense. 
These censers make great cone burners, stick burners, or for smudging.
Looking for a nice ritual bowl? These stone bowls are just right for offering bowls, too!
IBSB4   Stone Bowl Incense Censer With Sand-$17.95 each
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Hanging Brass Thurible Censer
Stone Bowl Incense Censer
Stone Bowl Charcoal Incense Burner-Each incense burner is made of stone and so, each will vary in color. These make great offering bowls, too! stone censers, incense censer, stone incense burners, stone offering bowls, incense censers
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