Spell Candles-Magickal Ritual Tools And Supplies For Modern Pagans, Wiccans, Magicians, And Seekers, Alike! Short spell candles, mini candles for candle magick!
Spell Candles-Grandpas General Store-The cool place to shop for magickal candles, spellcrafting supplies, wicca tools, magickal equipment and more.We have short spell candles in a variety of colors, perfect for witchcraft, pagan ritual, christian prayer, etc..Spell candles, short candles, mini candles, perfect for candle magic!
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Last Updated June 3, 2004       
Spellcraft Supplies
Spell Candles

Whether you are Christian or Pagan, you will find candles t
o help you in your rituals, here. If you would like to add the power of a colored candle to a spell or ritual, and do not know what color to use, click here for a list of metaphysical associations for candle colors.  A separate window will open up, with color correspondences, and when you are done looking, simply close the window.
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Please, do not leave candles burning, unattended. Use caution around children pets, and flammable materials like draperies. Enjoy all your candle burning experiences!
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nature, are presented or sold as curios only. The owners and staff at Grandpa's General Store make no
claims as to the effectiveness of the
products sold, or to the validity or effectiveness of any of the magickal/metaphysical information presented. But on a personal note... our c
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Mini Candles-We have candles for witchcraft, pagan, wiccan, enochian, reading the tarot, and general pathworking.
Mini Spell Candles
Short Candles for Spellcraft & Ritual

At Grandpa's we have many colors of simple, 4 inch, unscented candles, perfect for spellcrafting, spiritual seeking, working with angels, and more...They are ideal for affirmations, meditations, & visualizations, too!

The colors available are:

CANMINBL      Black Mini Candles
CANMINBLU    Blue Mini Candles
CANMINGR      Green Mini Candles
CANMINLAV    Lavender Mini Candles
CANMINLTB    Light Blue Mini Candles
CANMINLTG    Light Green Mini Candles
CANMINOR      Orange Mini Candles
CANMINPI        Pink Mini Candles
CANMINPR       Purple Mini Candles
CANMINRED    Red Mini Candles
CANMINYE       Yellow Mini Candles
CANMINWH    White Mini Candles

Each mini candle is 4" tall and just about  1/2" wide. Our mini candles burn from about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on the environment you are burning the candles in.
Please, do not leave candles burning, unattended.

You may buy these individually for 30 cents a piece! So if you need 3 white, 1 blue, and 1 red, you don't have to buy 20 of every color.  Tell your friends!   Order your mini candles at the bottom of this page!

If you would like to learn some of the metaphysical properties
associated with candle colors, click here!

This will open a new window. You can close it, to return here, when you are finished.
Silver Mini Candles &
Gold Mini Candles

Our Gold and Silver mini candles are great to use for special occasions  or for spiritual work! These gold & silver mini candles are 4" tall, and 1/2" across. They fit all of our standard mini candle holders.

CANMSGO    Gold Mini Candle $1.45 each
CANMSS        Silver Mini Candles $1.45 each

Buy More, Save $$$!
2CANMSGO Set of 2 Gold Mini Candles $2.50 set
2CANMSS  Set of 2 Silver Mini Candles $2.50 set

4CANMSGO Set of 4 Gold Mini Candles $4.00 set
4CANMSS  Set of 4 Silver Mini Candles $4.00 set
Mini Candles- Our Gold Mini Candles are 4 inches long and fit all standard mini candle holders. Silver Mini Candles are also 4 inches long and 1/2 inch across. These are sometimes called half tapers, too. Each mini candle burns about 1 1/2 hours, depending on the environment.
Looking For Tea Lights, Tapers, and Fragrance Votives and Pillars? Click Here, to see our gift selection of candles and candle holders!
To add a mini spell candle to your basket, click on the appropriate box and enter the quanity you wish to purchase. When you have selected all the candles you wish to order, just click on the "Add to your shopping cart" button.

Mini Candles
Black Mini Candles $0.30 each
Blue Mini Candles $0.30 each
Green Mini Candles $0.30 each
Lavender Mini Candles $0.30 each
Light Blue Mini Candles $0.30 each
Light Green Mini Candles $0.30 each
Orange Mini Candles $0.30 each
Pink Mini Candles $0.30 each
Purple Mini Candles $0.30 each
Red Mini Candles $0.30 each
Yellow Mini Candles $0.30 each
White Mini Candles $0.30 each

Gold Mini Candle $1.45 each
Silver Mini Candle $1.45 each

Set Of 2 Gold Mini Candle $2.50 set
Set Of 2 Silver Mini Candle $2.50 set

Set Of 4 Gold Mini Candle $4.00 set
Set Of 4 Silver Mini Candle $4.00 set

Candle Snuffer $3.29 each
Wood Candle Snuffers From India. In many circles, it is considered either in Very poor taste or offensive, or both, to blow out a candle. They should be gently snuffed out, by hand or with a snuffer.  These snuffers are very attractive, have a long wooden handle and a brass snuffer.
Click here, to see a larger image of the wooden candle snuffer! This will open a new window. Close it, to return here!

Wood And Brass Candle Snuffers

We also have really great candle snuffers! In many circles, it is considered either in Very poor taste or offensive, or both, to blow out a candle. They should be gently snuffed out, by hand or with a snuffer.
These snuffers are very attractive, have a long wooden handle and a brass snuffer.  The wood colors vary just as every tree is different. They are made in India by hand and some will have a loose snuffer, meaning that they may move just slightly from side to side. This will not affect there snuffing or appearance. Some will be solid and some will be somewhat striped. They are about 12 inches long and a great value at only  $3.29 each!

CANSNUF Wood & Brass Candle Snuffer $3.29
Pagan Owned & Operated Since 1996