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A Book Of Shadows is a magical book of the occult. Occult just means 'hidden' because for hundreds of years, witches had to keep their magick hidden. The book of shadows is a place a witch keeps all her spells and magical information. Things like what color to use for healing, which incense to use for love, which oil to use for prosperity, that kind of thing.

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Our Free Online Book Of Shadows
Free Occult Information On Magic

This Book Of Shadows is where you can get some ideas and information to help you on your way to magic spellcrafting.

There are Spells, Magick, and Spiritual information pertaining to many different paths here, so everyone is welcome...

PLEASE NOTE: Most of these pages date back to 2004 or before... They won't be mobile friendly, but because screens were smaller then, you might just be able to view them without a problem. After looking at a page, just use your back button, to return here.

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See The Current Moon Phase
Full Moon Image-Moon Phase Information In Our Book Of Shadows

Magical timing can be important. We want to work with the flow of energy, not against it. Many use the Moon's cycles, or phases, for magickal timing.

Along with the moon's phases, we also include the current zodiac signs of the Sun and the Moon, as well as the Moon's planetary aspects, sign, and void of course information for the next 2 days.

The Current Phase Of The Moon Is.... Click Here To Find Out!


Planetary Hours

Planetary hours are used in magick to add energy to any kind of ritual or spell work. The hours are calculated based on the length of day time and night time. You can see the planetary hours for any date you choose from 1900 through 2099. Click here, to get your planetary hours!


Create A Magick Spell Candle
Candles Image-Make Your Own Magick Spell Candles

A magick spell can be as simple as a colored candle, with a little bit of oil and a lot of intention. It need not be elaborate. You just have to make a wish and allow yourself to have it.

To get you started, we have a little program that will create a magic spell candle recipe customized just for you! Click Here To Learn How To Make Your Own Magick Spell Candle Recipe!


Wicca 101 (OS)

To the left, is a link to Wicca101. There is a lot of good information there, and if you are just beginning, I recommend at least one visit. If you are just curious about Wicca, it well help you out there, too. It will help to clear up many misconceptions about Wicca, witchcraft, the burning times, and more...
So, til later....


Anglo-Saxon Charms (OS)

These Anglo-Saxon magic charms were translated by Karen Louise Jolly in her book, Popular Religion in Late Saxon England: Elf Charms in Context. You will find charms against flying venom, unfruitful land, and more. These are real "Christian"charms translated by a medieval scholar. Quite interesting to see how "magic" was used by the Church. Click Here, to learn about these magical charms


Ásatru FAQ - A Norse Pagan Tradition

What are the beliefs of Ásatrú? Who are the Gods and Goddesses of Ásatrú? Learn about this form of Norse Pagan tradition.


Are you looking for a blank book of shadows, or other spellcraft supplies? You can find many supplies, including ritual tools, incense, oils, herbs, inks, etc. at Grandpa's Occult Supply. Click Here!


Make Your Own Magical Herbal Incense

Here, you will learn how to make your own pagan incense. learn about Herbs as incense, basic instructions for making your own herbal Magickal incense, about using resins in incense making, metaphysical, occult uses for incense, meanings, etc. Incense is used by people from all walks of life:Pagans, Wicca, Magicians, Shaman, New age seekers, Christians, too. Click Here To Learn How!



The four archangels can be found in a variety of protective incantations where they guard the four quarters, an almost universal symbolism which can be found in guises as diverse as nursery rhymes ("Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, bless this bed that I lie on") Learn about the archangels here!


Athame - A Magical Blade

What is the athame, how is it used and what is the magical history behind the athame? Click Here To Learn About It!


Ritual Besom or Witches Broom

Ritual Besom or Witches Broom - What is the besom, or witches broom? How is a besom used? What is "Jumping The Broom? Click Here To Learn About It!


Candles, Colors, & Magic

Candle Colors- How do different colors relate to chakras? Which color candles do you use for magic? Learn about witchcraft color correspondences, and lore behind colors and candles. Click Here To Learn About It!


Elemental Colors & Directions

In a magic circle, there is a color associated with each direction. Both in astrology and magic, colors relate to the elements, planets, or directions of the compass. Click Here To Learn About It!


Candles-Fragrance, Metaphysical and Magical Uses

How fragrance can effect your magic, how to use fragrance in magic, and the metaphysical properties associated with candle fragrances. Click Here To Learn About It!


Incense Charcoal

Charcoal - About using charcoal disks to burn magical herbal and resin incense. Never used charcoal tablets before? Click Here To Learn About It!


Magick Spell Construction
Making Magic Image-How To Make Your Own Magick Spells

Tips and tricks for creating your own magick spells from scratch. This basic spell construction is not about do this, then do that. It is a basic template for taking a spell and making the most out of it. It covers things like magical timing, astrological signs, ritual baths, distractions. It also talks about the law of retribution, which I would call the law of attraction. What you put out there, energetically, is going to return to you, not in exactly the same way, but in a matching vibration to what you sent out...Click Here To Learn About It!



Learn about the metaphysical properties of crystals, stones, & rocks. The stones are listed by name with metaphysical properties after, OR you can look up the metaphysical property that you want to use, like love or prosperity, and find just the right stone for it! There is also a birthstones listing, as well. Click Here To Learn About It!


Empowerment Ritual

How to empower an item with magic, otherwise known as enchantment spells or charging rituals. Click Here To Learn About It!


Magical Herbs I

Magical Herbs - About using herbs for the first time ~ Some general information about use and possible consequences of using herbs. Click Here To Learn About It!


Magical Herbs II

Magical Herbs - About the metaphysical properties and associations of herbs and how herbs are used in magick. Click Here To Learn About It!


Incense - How To Make Your Own

Incense - How to make your own magical herbal incense - Complete instructions for making your own magical herbal incense, with instructions for making it plain old fashioned non-magical, as well. Click Here To Learn About It!


Magical Incense Recipes

Incense-Recipes These are basic one or two herb recipes for specific magical purposes. Click Here To Learn About It!


Kabbalah FAQ

Kabbalah FAQ- What is Hermetic Kabbalah? How old is Kabbalah? How can I find someone who teaches Kabbalah? Learn the answers to these questions and much more! Click Here To Learn About It!


Key of Solomon (OS)

The Key of Solomon is the most famous and important of all Grimoires, or handbooks of Magic. Learn about the Key of Solomon, here. (OS)


Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or LBRP, for short - What is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and where does it come from? How to perform the rite. Click Here To Learn About It!


Making Magic By The Moon & Stars Or
Using Astrology To Add Power To Your Magick Spells

Making Magic By The Moon & Stars - This is an article on using Moon phases, Sun phases, etc., for magical timing. When the moon is in a particular astrological sign, any magical working will be colored by this energy. Working a magic spell for love when the moon is in Taurus, will add the complimentary energy of that sign to your work, making the spell that much more powerful. Click Here To Learn About It!


Middle Pillar Exercise - By Israel Regardie

Middle Pillar Exercise - By Israel Regardie "To my mind, the exercise described as the Middle Pillar is the groundwork of all actual developmental work. It is a process which is the basis of magic."... Online instruction in the middle pillar exercise! The page is no longer online, but we have the wayback machine! (OS)


Paganism FAQ

Paganism FAQ - Just what does it mean to be Pagan? What is Paganism? How is it different from paganism? Can one be both Christian and pagan? Are all pagans Witches? All these questions and more are answered in the Paganism FAQ! Click Here To Learn About It!


About The Pentagram

Pentagram-Pentacle-History, Meanings, Historic Associations And Background of the magical pentagram or pentacle. Click Here To Learn About It!


Resins - Resin Incense

Learn about resin incense- What is resin? How do you use or burn resin incense? How are they used in magick? Click Here To Learn About It!


Smudge And Smudging

Smudge And Smudging -What is Smudge? Learn about smudging, and how to use smudge for cleansing purposes. Click Here To Learn About It!



-Streganographia is a system of angel magic, but also a highly sophisticated system of cryptography. You can learn about Streganographia at the esoteric archives! (OS)


Make Your Own Magic Wand

A wand is a very important magical and ritual tool, in many traditions. You can learn how to make your very own magick wand from scratch! These are complete instructions for making your own magic wand, and may be used to make a magick wand from most any wood. Click Here To Learn About It!


Witches Creed

Read about the original witches creed as was written by Doreen Valiente. This is not the witches rede, check it out! Click Here To Learn About It!


The Witch's Kitchen

The Witch's Kitchen-Magical advice Raven & Ruby Moonstone. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of brew, dip your hand into the magical cookie jar, and let the questions fly!Ask your questions about paganism, magick, etc.

Unfortunately, the kitchen is closed, but you can still read the letters and advice there. Click Here To Learn About It!


Woods ~ The Wonder of Woods
Their Types & Magical Uses

~Magical Woods - Want to know what woods were used for in folklore, and occult aspects of different trees? This article covers many magical uses of woods and different ways that they have been used in days past. Click Here To Learn About It!


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