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What Is Resin Incense
About Resin Incense...

Resin is incense in it's pure form and is the most natural way to use incense. Resin is the actual sap from the tree or the bark from the tree.

Resin will not burn on its own like combustible incense powders, sticks or cones. It is burned on charcoal and in a heat resistant burner. Click here to learn about charcoal.

Resin is powerful and its scent is far more intense than other forms of incense therefore only a small amount (less than a teaspoon) is used at one time. A bag of resin incense lasts a long time. Resin incense can give off a great deal of smoke if you use too much. Only a small amount is necessary to fill a room with it's delightful scent.

We think that nothing is better than the wonderful scent of the pure resin incense. It is incense in its traditional form, the same incense used by our ancestors in ancient times.

Some common resins used in magick are:

Benzoin Resin Incense~
Burn benzoin for prosperity and purification. Mix benzoin, basil, and cinnamon for a wonderful way to attract customers to your business.

Copal Incense~
Copal resin is a great purifier. Burn to purify your crystals and stones before using magically. Copal is also used to promote spirituality and may be useful in a love incense blend.

Dragon's Blood Resin Incense~
Need protection, try dragon's blood incense. Widely used in magical endeavors, it is used for love, protection, exorcism, and for sexual potency. Dragon's Blood is often added to other incenses to increase their power.

Frankincense Incense~
Frankincense is wonderful as a spiritual incense. This resin is burned for love, protection, consecration, and exorcism, as well. Added to Myrrh, it makes a great incense for healing, purification, or spirituality.

Myrrh Resin Incense~
Myrrh relates to the Moon, the sign of Cancer, and the element of Water. Myrrh resin is used for exorcism, healing, meditation, protection, and spirituality. Myrrh is most often used in conjunction with other resins. It is often used to increase the potency of other incense.

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