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The Witch's Kitchen
Magickal Advice from Raven and Ruby,
an Eclectic Pagan Couple.

Welcome to the Witch's Kitchen!
Pull up a chair, grab a cup of brew, dip your
hand into the magical cookie jar, and let
the questions fly!  We know that many of
you have questions about Paganism or the
Craft. What better way to find the answers
than to ask a Pagan?
Our friends Raven and Ruby, will do their
best to answer your questions. What kind
of questions will they answer?
Anything that applies to living a Pagan life,
magickal questions, anything to do with Pagan
spirituality, etc...
Don't bother with hate mail, they will never even see it. :)

Meet Raven & Ruby Moonstone

"Merry meet all -- We're Raven and Ruby Moonstone, an
Eclectic Pagan couple from central Wisconsin. Ruby's been
in the Craft for nearly 20 years and Raven for over 8 years. 
We are both deeply interested in all aspects and forms of
positive magick, study, and learning.  We love books, the
woods, Tarot, pagan music, animals, and are beginning to
learn about creating magickal tools.  We would love to make
contact with others in the Craft out there, and share learning

We feel that we have experiences and knowledge in the Craft
worth passing along, and beginning in the summer of 2002
would welcome a student or two. Sadly, we cannot accomodate
people under the age of 18."

Do you have a question about Paganism or magick?
Click Here, to email Raven & Ruby with your questions!
Answers will be posted back here, so others may learn, as well!

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Grandpa's, The Cool Place To Learn About Spiritual & Magical Stuff! The witch's kitchen-The witches kitchen-magical information-ask a pagan-about paganism & magick. talk to a real pagan. Learn about witches, magick, and paganism. Ask questions, answers will be found here! The Witch's Kitchen for free magical advice.
The Witch's Kitchen-Free magical information-magick advice from real practicing eclectic Pagans. Find answers about pagan spirituality, magick, etc. here.
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Welcome to the Witch's Kitchen. Learn about Witches, magic, paganism. Ask a question of our two resident eclectic Pagans. Free information will be posted back here!
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