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Basic Colors Used In The Magic Circle

In  a magic circle, there is a color associated with each
direction. Both in astrology and magic, colors relate to
the elements, planets, or directions of the compass.

In Wicca and even in other religions there are some
disagreements about which direction relates to the element
of Fire, and which relates to the element of Air. Some
say East relate to Fire, and others say South.

In astrology, colors can belong to more than one sign
or planet, so we will not go into that here, to confuse
the point, even more...

I leave it up to you, to decide which colors relate to
the different directions and to use the colors as you
see fit.

Below, are the most common associations used in the
magic circle. Your mileage may differ :)

Directions:        East         South         West         North

East-Yellow For Air
South-Red For Fire
West-Blue For Water
North-Green For Earth

Sun positions during the day:
Midnight -North

Moon phases:  
Wax -East
Full -South
Wane -West
New- North

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Grandpa's, The Cool Place To Learn About Spiritual & Magical Stuff! Elemental Colors as they relate to the directions. Color correspondences for the elements in Magic. Magical colors for the directions. Which Colors to use in the circle.
green north earth blue west water red south fire yellow east air-Elemental color associations used in Magick-Wicca colors used in the magic circle.
Colors used in the magic circle - green north blue west yellow east red south earth air fire water yellow east air red south fire blue west water green north earth.
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