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At Grandpa's, we understand your wish for privacy. We feel the same way, ourselves.

Cookies - Grandpa's Occult & Metaphysical Privacy Policy

Cookies~ I love cookies! The first time I heard about them, I thought These must be awesome! But then, I began to see that not everyone looked at 'cookies' the way I did...

We LOVE your privacy! I know a lot of places claim this, but in our case, it is actually true. We respect everyone's right to go about their every day life without somebody following them, keeping track of all their movements, just so they can advertise to them. So, here we talk about cookies, what information our cookies contain, and how Grandpa's uses cookies to make your visit more pleasing.

We use cookies to store data on our website. Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer or other devices (such as smart 'phones' or 'tablets') as you browse this website. Cookies are essential for the effective operation of our website.

Cookies are given when you fill out forms. A cookie may be given when you play a game, to remember 'your game' while others may be playing the same game. You might be given a cookie when we show you an important notice, so you don't have to see it on every page.

With the exception of our community and our comments system, we do not use cookies to collect or record information on pages viewed, or your journey around our website. We do not collect any information that could identify you, personally. We do not use cookies to collect or record your name, address or other contact details. The cookies we set when you access our website are necessary for website functionality and improved visitor experience. With the exception of forums and comments, all of Grandpa's cookies are what are known as 'session' cookies. Our cookies expire, or disappear, when you close your browser.

Our community(when available) have their own cookie policy and you can read about that, there.

A cookie will remember things like information you entered into a comment, so if you want to make another comment, you don't have to type it all again. Our comments system will give the following cookies, where you provide that information: Your name, email address, website, and a personal session identifier. All of these are session cookies that disappear when you close your browser, or sooner.



We understand how vital it is to keep your information safe and secure. Grandpa's uses SSL Web Server Certificates, to offer secure communications by encrypting all membership data. We use secure sockets layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption. Our registered domain name has been checked and verified . This information is included in the SSL certificate that we issue. This enables you to check the site's validity yourself.


By using this site, you give us your consent to use this information for any of the following: market research, fraud detection, and member management.

When you register to be added to an e-mail list maintained by us, or enter any type of drawing or contest, we do not share that information with any other person or business, except as noted in the security section above. Any e-mail and private information collected is never sold to anyone.

In no case will we knowingly provide personal postal addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers to third parties, unless required to fulfill legal requirement. The exception to this, is unlawful use of our website. In this event, we will give any information we have about the party(s) concerned to the proper authorities, to help catch and prosecute the offender(s).

If, for any reason, you are unsure about the personal and account information we are holding in your name, please contact our customer service. They will happily review your file and update the records if required. You can contact our customer service here.
Alternatively, this information can be checked and reviewed online once you have signed in. Your personal information is accessable by logging onto your account through our secure server. It is important for you to protect against unauthorized access to your password and to your computer. Be sure to sign off when finished using a shared computer.

Please note that our site contains links to other sites. Grandpa's is not responsible for the privacy practices, privacy statements, or content regarding these other sites. If you have issues with another site, please take it up with the webmaster in question.


We do not knowingly collect or use personal information from children under 16 without obtaining verifiable consent from their parents. We have no way of distinguishing the age of individuals who visit our website, and so we carry out the same Privacy Policy for individuals of all ages. If a child has provided us with personal information without parental or guardian consent, the parent or guardian should contact us to remove the information and opt out of promotional opportunities.

For more information about the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), visit the FTC website:


We do not want to send spam, and do not like to receive it, ourselves. We do not send email unless you specifically request it, or there is a problem with your membership.
If subscribed, for informational or promotional e-mail from Grandpa's General Store, you may unsubscribe, at any time, by following the simple instructions in any e-mail sent to you.


If you believe that Grandpa's has not adhered to these privacy principles, please contact us here. We will make every reasonable effort to promptly determine and correct the problem.

Love and Peace,
Erin Gjertsen
Grandpa's General Store



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